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Gran Canaria on a Budget
Aberdeen during the winter can be slightly gloomy. Days are grey, weather does not spoil you with sun and the Granite City is just waiting for spring. The thought of a rainy winter approaching was never a highlight of my day.  

I found a way to escape long, dark nights and short days. I am just waiting like a hawk for an exciting flight sale to appear. This year I got tickets to Gran Canaria from Glasgow for £45 return. If I would have waited a week longer I could have bought them for £2! Oh well.

I am not even going to go into the details of the flight but for next time if I will go with a cheap airline it is going to be Easy Jet or Wizzair. Let’s just say that Ryanair provided me with unforgettable memories on my way to Las Palmas.

We stayed in Apartamentos Tejeda in a studio with a partial sea view. The view was VERY partial. You have to pay extra for this option so if you thinking of doing it, save your money. We were only accommodated there as the type of studio apartment we booked was not available anymore.

Calle Doctor Grau Bassas Nº44
Playa Chica

£300 for 7 nights
Self Catering


We did go out for our evening meal every night but we bought breakfasts and light snacks at a market nearby. I loved the fact that we had a small kitchen compartment in Apartamentos Tejeda. If we really wanted to be on a strict budget I believe we would have only spend €50 for two for 7 days. However, I love sea food so much and I am yet to master preparing it so our food cost increased to around €75 each including occasional desserts, starters, wine, and ice creams mainly pistachio for me.


Public transport was our best friend. If there is one thing I would definitely say where you can save money, it’s this. Do not even bother paying €20 for a red city tour bus. You can walk the distance and tour it covers from the apartments to the furthest stop in 1h30min.

A public bus from the airport costs around €5 for two people. To the airport we used Ryanair transfer service for €11 each. Our flight was ridiculously early in the morning so there was not much choice, yet still cheaper than a taxi.  


£306 per person including nights out and dinning out
Vitamin D priceless

Total Self Catering

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