Last Minute Indoor Date Ideas

Last Minute Date Idea

Are you not the best in planning dates or did you simply forget about it? I know the feeling. If you are not feeling particularly in the mood for dressing up and furiously looking for a free table at a nearby restaurants, check one of my recipes for a date indoors. You do not have to plan it for months in advance to have a fantastic night together. You can even stay in your pyjamas.  

Mezze Board 
Mediterranean Party Platter

Check what you have in your fridge, panic and quickly visit a shop nearby. Products I usually pick? Garlic bread or dough balls with garlic butter, cherry tomatoes, salami, humus, guacamole, olives, and if you are feeling particularly adventurous and do not have a choice to make between food or having a shower why not make some chilly lemon prawns. Even I can do them!
Last Minute Date Idea
Picnic Time

Go one step further, put the fluffiest blanket you have on the floor and have a picnic. Remember to clean off that sticky patch after apple juice. Find all your comfy cushions, sheep skins that you might have and place them on a blanket, especially if your floor is very cold. Pillows will be useful later. Add fairy lights loosely placed on the ground around the blanket or in a jar for soft lighting. Candles would also work but be careful where you decide to place them. Acrylic and polyester blankets just love fire.  If you have plants take them down. Lastly go to your bathroom, seriously, go to your bathroom for the flowery air freshener you have never use that apparently smells like the Spring Morning after the Rain, and spray it around your room.
Last Minute Date Idea
Cheeky Drinks

Get local crafted beers/gin/whisky/wine and do a tasting for two. If you particularly have a lot of time and just had a party at yours a couple of days ago why not try to make cocktails from what's left. It can be hit or miss but no one will say you did not try!


Stay on the blanket, grab a pillow, and make yourself comfy. Did you remember to grab some popcorn on the way out from the shop? Pick a few movies, for example the one you loved as a child. What better way to torture your other half than watching for the 12th time, Labyrinth and sing to all of the songs? Unless of course you are willing to watch Clueless once again. Revenge is sweet. Or download a weather app that plays the sounds of storms or rain, and enjoy the mezze board while you simply talk. If it gets awkward you have my blessing to switch on Labyrinth. 
Last Minute Date Idea 
Play a Game

Quickly search online for a game for two. Whoever loses has to think of a date for the next time! The other option is to play one of the quizzes with questions about how well you know each other. 

Quick, cost effective, and fun date in your living room.
What else could you do?
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  1. I am really craving popcorn now XD
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  2. Movies is always one of my favourite ideas, especially because you can totally change the mood depending on what movie you pick to watch!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode