Happy Birthday!

Iga Berry Thailand

Two years ago I published my first post which means today is Blog's 2nd Birthday! I could have never imagine how many lovely faces I have meet offline and online since then.

I want to say a big thank you to you all for allowing me to be a part of your day, sharing your thoughts with me over a cup of virtual coffee, and being part of the journey.

Here is what I have learnt so far!

Photography is my best friend now despite the rocky start to our relationship. 

Blogging events are not at all scary, and are in fact an exciting opportunity to meet friends that do not mind their food getting cold while you all try to capture the best picture of it. 

Meeting someone interesting is just one tweet away!

Your fitness level will increase due to trying to take the best photo, even if it means climbing up trees for a fresh perspective.

Try new things, new content, and experiment with your online presence. That is one of the ways that worked for me to find my own voice and know what works best to represent me for me.

Be humble and kind because as quickly as you gain readers you might lose them.

If you see that the phase 'gluten free' is trending but you are not interested in it in the sightless do not force yourself to jump on the wagon just because everyone else is talking about it. 

Yes, we all appear to have great lives, especially via the eyes of our social media content. It is not perfect or ideal so if you have a bad day, some kind of troubles, and need some support just say so.

There will be people that you will disagree with you, but rather than taking offence ask for their views in a bit more depth. No one is perfect and you can be mistaken too, there is nothing wrong in admitting that. 

The more effort you put into any projects the better the results will be.

I cannot wait what next the two years will bring!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your blog! I haven't had my blog for that long but I can really realte to many of the ponits on your list.

    Norina xx


    1. Which one can you relate to? Share, share I am curious now! Iga x

    2. Especially the ones about photography, just like I was sitting on my friends shoulders a week ago, to take the perfect shot :D

      Norina xx

  2. Happy Birthday Iga Berry's blog! You are doing amazing, keep at it and I am sure you will go far! I have never climbed a tree before for the blog, I did once climb on a small wall to get a shot and the husband looked at me like I was nuts lol! I love your advice to try new things and experiment to find your voice, I think a lot of new bloggers just try to imitate/fit in with what they think people expect from a blog. The picture at the top of post is stunning! :-) xx

    1. Thank you! Photo is from Thailand, Kata Beach is a stunning location for photos. Sunsets were really breathtaking. I am still finding my own voice but I am getting there! Iga xxx

  3. Great post!! Thanks for sharing!