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How did I pick my Master Degree?

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I have already talked about why I decided to do a Master Degree click to read here. In this post I share how I picked my Master Degree. Be aware I am not giving you 5 top golden rules to pick degree you will love, life is not that easy. 

I did not do any quizzes ‘What Masters should I do?’ for reasons other than pure procrastination. As a Media Graduate I did not have very limited choices of various Master Degrees but I had to be realistic. Could I really jump into Engineering/Dentistry/Biochemistry? Would I even be accepted or am I just wasting my time applying? How transferable are the skills I gained during my undergraduate degree?

I was in a very fortunate position, after dropping the childhood idea of being an actress, of knowing roughly what direction I want my career to take. This helped me to shorten the whole process and eliminate degrees that were not relevant to my career goals. 

Interview nightmare question 'Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 25 years?' was helpful. I created a list with all the words that came to my head that reflected where do I see myself and what I want to do. Then I started to prioritise them. What aspects of my career will I enjoy? What activities should dominate my daily tasks at work? This showed me that I should focus on business and marketing related degrees. 

Although accounting, HR and graphic design related words appeared on my list statistically speaking they were less likely to help me achieve the position I aim for to have in 25 years. Being realistic smashed brutally a few of my ideas but hey it's life. 

Final Choices:

Next step of selection process is highly dependable from individual's previous experience. In my case after checking all of the module descriptions, assignment types, and prospects I removed Digital Marketing. 

This degree is very closely interlinked with what I already do as a freelancer. Although I am sure I would learn a lot I did not want to close my options only to a digital marketing just yet. I am still very interested in traditional ways of marketing internationally. At this stage I also wanted to pay more emphasis to entrepreneurial side of business, which was not mentioned in the description or modules.

Digital Media Modules
Digital Production Tools And Techniques
Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Public Relations
Methods, Metrics And Analytics
1 option module from:
Digital Marketing Project 

The closest battle happened between International Marketing Management and International Business. Only I know how much International Business was tempting me, and I must admit still is. 

International Business Modules
Finance for Managers
Global Business Environment 
Marketing Strategy
Launching a New Venture
Research Methods
International Business Strategy

I and International Marketing Management was just meant to be. Risky business especially with the current job market but I am happy to take that risk. Course supplements marketing with business related content and strategic digital communications. Plus it gives an opportunity to archive PG Professional Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

International Marketing Management Modules
International Branding
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Digital Communications
Exit Award: PgCert International Marketing Management
Global Marketing Management
Business Marketing and Innovation
Consumer, Media and Communications
Research Methods

What was the best advice from someone that helped you decide what course is for you?
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