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Loving It | February Favourites

Pug and kisses

The month of Saint Valentine’s is over so it is the best time to sum up my favourites. Share what were yours in the comment section below!

Ana White

Ana presents cost effective ways to build everything starting from installing plumbing, garage shelving, and industrial style closet, to adding an extra story to her house. My favourite series is about modern tiny houses, that just wait to take them on an adventure. Having one of them and travelling around Scotland would be a treat! She also shares her building project plans on her website.
Ziaja Aloe Cream

Where in UK?

I was in desperate need for a face cream while I visited Poland in January as the cold, dry air really did not do any good for my sensitive skin. As per usual I could not take my creams with me because the containers have 105ml whereas only 100ml is allowed on planes.

According to the company’s website: Ziaja is a Polish brand that offers high quality products with natural ingredients at a very competitive price. The different product names’ say and usually show, in the form of a simplified image, the main active ingredients. If you cannot read Polish you will be able to distinguish what the main components are.

Bingo! That was exactly the smoothing and light type of cream that my skin needed so badly. After the first use my face was softer and nicer in touch. Aloe leaf extract included in the cream proved to be a skin saviour once more.


Alien 1979

Sci fi thriller/horror is one type of movies that I never really wanted to watch, but when I did I went through the entire franchise as if my life depended on it. The best and funniest scene, I realize it was not supposed to make me laugh, was the moment when Xenomorph (alien) chest burst itself to life and runs across the table. However, I can imagine how shocking and new it would have been in the 80s. What can I say? It is a classic for a reason.

Blogger’s Post

If you are, as I am, doubting the purpose of having an Instagram profile Amber’s post is a read worthy piece. I was glad to see that not only I thinking that there is something seriously wrong with the direction that Instagram has taken. I had no idea there are programs that for a payment will post a fake comments to artificially create a buzz and engagement!


1-3 Justice St, Aberdeen AB11 5HU

When my fiancĂ©’s mum visited in February Tea Zone was the first on my list of places I wanted to take her to due to a few factors. Firstly the location is just perfect when you want to explore Aberdeen City Centre. Anything better than sitting by the window and people watching as they walk by on historic Castle Gate? Another huge benefit is over 50 flavours of tea. You name it and the chances are they have it. Of course, I could not forget about waffles with green tea matcha. I am in love with strawberry white tea, I had this last time too. But what is really the biggest thing I love about it? You do not feel that as soon as you finish your last drop of tea that you must leave. The atmosphere is just so tranquil that before you know it you will be there for an hour or longer.
Pugs and Kisses

And of course my Valentine's gift.

What did you like most in February? 

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  1. I still have never seen Alien despite so many people loving to a cult status, one of these days I really must make time to get round to it!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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    1. It's actually still quite good. I am not sure if it deserves being called 'iconic' but for what it is, I was entertained. x

  2. I love how varied your favourites are! I can see why you're valentine is a favourite :) x

    1. Hahaha it absolutely is! I am a pug obsessed lady!