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It feels like I have only just written a post with February's Little Joys and here I am writing all my little joys from March already. I feel like someone has stolen at least two weeks from me.
Let's get down to business and share the little joys that have happened to me.

Making an orange sponge cake and having my partner helping me out with zesting the oranges.

One day I was struggling with finding out more about consumer behaviour theories for my coursework then I found this amazing book on Google Scholar, which of course was not available to read. Somehow the cover looked very familiar to me. It turned out that one of the books I bought over 7 years ago in a charity shop was the exact same one, just an earlier edition! I knew one day the book bought for the pleasure of night time reading would also become useful! Don't judge me 'Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective' is absolutely an appropriate night time reading choice, not.
Reasons To Be Happy UK Blogger

Thursday afternoon with my mum, when we visited Duthie Park, had hot chocolate, and talk. Plus her laughter when I showed her Snapchat filters. How could she have mistaken cute bunnies and thought we were little piglets? I still do not know.

Exploring the riverside during lunch time break. It is crazy that I never did that during my undergraduate degree. The riverside is especially lovely when the sun’s rays are gently sliding off the waves.

Finding a dress that finally fits me that has peach polka dots, and it's not too long.

I was sitting next to my black kitchen table and something was missing. For the next week and a half I was enjoying tulips in a deep violet colour. I must admit that I love fresh flowers, they just can brighten up rainy days and bring a little bit of Spring.

My sister thinking of me during her trip and bringing me back a little treat. See it here. Isn't it a little joy?

Small act of kindness from a person at work in the form of a packet of biscuits, way to brighten up my Saturday.

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing month. I hope April will bring even more joys.

  2. I also love fresh flower and going to the park when the sun is out. I have such difficulty finding dresses I like that also fit me that when I do I jump up for joy. I love this idea of Little Joy posts, it's such a nice idea and makes you feel grateful!

    1. If you love the idea please feel free to add your little joys on your website. I would love to read them! Btw. I also love finding fantastic dresses that just fit me as a glove.