Little Joys | February

February is shorter than the rest of the months but nevertheless I had plenty of opportunities to experience little joys.

Slow morning coffee with my best friend after our walks in Seaton Park.  

Having Fridays’ lunch outdoors.

Seeing signs of Spring around Aberdeen.

Waking up to bright mornings and blue skies.

My mum’s face when she noticed two huge balloons for her birthday.

Green tea waffles with my mother in law to be at Tea Zone in Aberdeen.

 Morning protein pancakes with a little bit of Nutella before the gym made by my fiancé.

Treating myself to Blooming Bouquet by Dior; I have wanted to have it since my summer in Boston.
 One of those amazing gym sessions when you feel the burn and want more!

 Late night book reading while hiding under the duvet so as not to disturb my fiancé.

Having a chat at work with two Spanish ladies, who just moved to Aberdeen to study nursing and were looking for a vegetarian cafe.

 What did you enjoy?

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  1. February was fab! I think my trip to Whitby was my favourite thing!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you so much Croinne! I just Googled Whitby! :)