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Why Master's Degree?

Some of you will graduate soon no need to panic and some of you already have. What happened to me after I finished my undergraduate degree? Although I had a few job offers in UK and abroad, I realised that the best thing I can do is to decline. Offered jobs were great but I did not feel that they are right for me. 

Was it scary? Of course it was but I decided to follow my believes. A few people said it was not wise but now I can tell you that it was the best decision I could possibly make for my future career. After graduating in 2016 I decided to grab the bull by its horns and continue my education. Plus my mum has a Master Degree so it is a healthy competition.

I had been preparing myself financially since the second year of University to support my degree, hence it was not really a surprise when I decided to do another degree. Although, originally I wanted to study at King’s College in London however the degree fees (£10,950 at the time) with the cost of living in London make it impossible for me to do so with current commitments.       

Investing in education was always something that was supported and strongly encouraged by my family. However I knew that if an amazing job opportunity would arises I will take it. 

Why not PhD? Not yet at least

I could pick between two different routes PhD or Master's Degree. For various reasons such as finances, time, my future goals I decided to embark on a Master's Degree.  

Why I decided to study a Master’s Degree at all?


This degree is an investment for my future. An investment that I have to pay for and expect it to benefit me by equipping me with the skills and knowledge that differentiates me from other as an employee, and open doors and new opportunities. 

Evidence of Qualifications

It is a way to formally prove my qualifications. Marketing and advertising were always my passion. My Media degree really helped me with understanding the basis of it, yet I wanted to go into more depth, especially from a business perspective; admittedly I did this by reading journals and educating myself via online sources. However, I still needed formal proof of my skills. 

Boost Employability

I am a strong believer that education should not finish after you submit your undergraduate dissertation. The ever changing world will not wait for anyone for them to catch up with current discoveries, new theories, and research. Therefore, I consider educating myself further, and further on the same level of necessity as eating healthy or taking care of one's physique. It is like brushing teeth, you just do it on a daily basis. Master Degree really expanded my knowledge and skills and prepared me to offer unique set of skills while adding credibility to my CV. 

Why Full Time?

Full time studies were the best option for me simply because I wanted to dedicate myself to it 100% without any additional distractions, which partly worked. Life as always had alternative plans for me, which is what makes it so special. Additionally I felt that committing to a part time degree might not have worked for me due to the lengthy process and my plans for the future. 

Those are my reasons, what do you think about doing Master’s Degree?
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  1. This makes me feel more confident about making the decision to apply for graduate school! I graduated in 2016 as well, and have worked for the last year. I have been feeling like getting the master's is the next step. I'm glad you're having a great time!

    1. Hi Zarrin, what would you like to do for your Master Degree? x