Loving It | March Favourites

In this month a big part of my favourites are connected with the world of fragrances and home.

Without prolonging it we are starting off with…

Premium Fragrance Lamp from Ashleigh Burwood has been a part of my home’s d├ęcor for over 6 months now. It has a dreamy name: Golden Sunset. Its bottle gently catches and reflects the sun so it is a little joy. I would not say it looks very minimalistic, definitely not following the black and white cult, but it looks very elegant.

The lamp fills my room with an intensive Moroccan Spice fragrance within a few minutes. I am looking forward to trying out more fragrances. I am quite tempted to go for something slightly less oriental and more floral, especially during Spring/Summer time. Fresh linen would be a nice change.

Moroccan Spice is intense and reminds me slightly of Christmas time, but not as much as if it was with an Orange & Cinnamon fragrance. If you are looking for something that brings Christmas to you, that’s the smell you should go for. The bottle of 250ml has lasted me for around three months with regular weekly usage.

In March I also rediscovered my love for Chanel Coco perfume. I used to use it all the time as a teenager but then I started to pick more citrusy, floral scents for daily occasions. I left Chanel for special events like interviews, birthdays and other events that I feel are important to me. For me Chanel is more of a formal event smell whereas Alien would be, and still is, date and outings event smell. Do you also separate your fragrances by event?

I have to say that when I spray Coco on my skin around my neck, and the fragrance slowly starts to reach my nostrils, I feel luxurious and empowered. This connection could be due to their great advertising or it could be the fact that I would wear it for interviews, which were successful and subconsciously I connect the smell with the ‘something good happened’ feeling.

It gives me a boost of confidence and as the smell develops under the warmth of my skin it is also making me feel very famine and sexy, not many fragrances can do that. I am very pleased I have had the chance to rediscover the power of this fragrance.
I have finally finished all of the candles I have collected and so it was now time to try my Candy Cane candle from Steff. Thank you so much! I can confirm from experience that it smells fantastic!

Share in the comments your favourite things from March or any other month in the comments!
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