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 I have not had a tag for a while on my blog which makes me want to do one. When I first started emailing with my partner we played a game. 10 random facts about each other that would help us get to know one another from a bit different angle than you would usually. The main point was to instead of giving usual facts about ourselves, play around with our memories and share them.

Therefore I would love you all to get involved and share yours. Please do it on your blog or in comments. If you do not have 10 facts or you want to share more that’s ok!

What do I think you might not know about me?

1. I remember my dreams and I do have lucid dreams. I must admit it is a pretty cool feeling knowing that you can change your dream as you please. I learnt this skill as a child to cope with reoccurring nightmare where I was lost and chased around an old, creepy looking garden.

2. There are three things I am always happy to receive as a gift and you cannot go wrong with any of them: perfume, massage, tickets to see a show in the theatre. 

3. There is a 90% chance when you are visiting my mum there will be a homemade cake waiting for you. I now also make cakes regularly to share with her, as she does it with me.

4. As a child, early in the morning before my mum would go to work and dropped me off at the nursery I would watch the ‘Sailor Moon’ series. There was also another manga based TV series but unfortunately I cannot remember too much about it. I have tried to find it a few times but with very little information remembering it is not easy. Maybe you remember a series based on manga about a princess, who met her prince but the love was prohibited or something like that? I know, not much to base any search on. 

5. I reluctantly have tried a head coffee pilling, and it was messy but the results were amazing. Shinier and bouncier hair, and a really soft scalp.

6. The Groke from the Moomin series made me cry and I do not mean gentle sobbing. I was absolutely devastated each time it appeared. This creature was for me is so terrifying that for a few years I could not watch the Moomins without hiding under the duvet. She not only frightened me because every character was afraid of her but the most terrifying thing about her was her loneliness and inability to be loved. I guess without knowing it I felt huge empathy for the Groke.

See here from 19:00 for the Groke. Fearsome, right! 

Obviously the Moomin shop in London is one of my favourite shops.

7. I am more of a Milan girl than Rome.

8. I remember the first deodorant my mum bought for me. It was a big deal as she tried to make my childhood last as long as possible so ‘adult’ things were out of reach for me. It was a fruity smell in a orange spray bottle with a turquoise cap. What did I do straight after I received it? I hid in my room with a lighter and investigated what happens when ignite up the gas… Because… Reasons?

9. As a kid I loved to paint with Bob Ross. His anecdotes were always a way to make me ‘switch off’ and just focus on the painting and his stories. 

10. I like to get my hands dirty. I painted my flat and now I am thinking of doing the same with the ceiling. It’s time to refresh that interior.  

Girls I would love to read 10 random facts from:

Share yours in comments or if you want to write a post with 10 random facts, don't forget to tag me so I can share it on Twitter.
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  1. I will post mine this weekend Iga, thanks for the tag. One fact about me is that I feel defeated too easily

    1. Hey Shayne, thank you so much for popping over. I hope I will have a chance to get to know more random facts about you.

  2. I loved reading these, I also used to watch Bob Ross, I loved all the animals he had!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. Oooo I don't remember his animals! I must watch it again.

  3. OOhh! I love hearing random bits of info about people! Hmmm-- what about me-- I went to five different elementary schools growing up. Don't ask me why, I don't know myself. I love to sing, and have written a lot of original songs which I don't know what to do with. I am 21 and do not have my drivers license yet. I will get one when I need one. ;)


    1. You are in NYC at the moment, right? Driving there would be crazy! Plus the traffic is a huge time eater.

  4. Fun post! It's amazing how vivid childhood nightmares were/we remember them still. I never saw Thh Moomins before, I can see how that would scare a child esp. the music! I will save mine for my post I will definitely write soon thanks for tagging me! Lucid dreams fascinate me, I sometimes have very vivid dreams I feel I am more awake in but I do no think they are lucid. I once had a sleep paralysis after a nightmare though and it was terrifying! :-0 xx

    1. Hahahaha Yup the music was very well made! Spooky and the character was also really creepy. Thank you for joining! I loved your 9 and then 10 random facts! :) xxx

  5. Here is my post Iga! xx http://www.steffinscotland.co.uk/2017/05/10-random-facts-about-me.html

  6. omg I just realized I only did 9 lol! Such a space cadet! I will fix it! ;-0