A Bit of Luxury in a Budget Airline

Flights with cheap airlines are not ideal but after a years of travelling with them I have worked out a few useful tips. They make my time in the sky slightly more comfortable.

Buy the biggest water bottle available in duty free. Planes can get insanely hot and the air is even dryer than usual. Save your money and buy water in advance. Another advantage is that you also drink when you want, not having to wait for the stewardess to finally approach you with a trolly.

 Loose plait is a must have for me. I really do not like it when my hair falls on my face, sticks to not so clean chairs, or being pulled by kids behind me. Ponytails also do not really work because high ones just do not work for me and when they are slightly lower the chair pushes into them. Loose plait is a must for me.  Simple, effective, and when I land I have subtle waves. It’s a win win situation.

Wet wipes. Since I discovered that in some planes researchers found 100 times over the limit of  bacteria I just stick to my wet wipes to clean my face and hands. Plus I can pick one of many fragrances I like.

 Hoodie hides me from harsh lights or acts as a pillow when folded. Sometimes it also acts as a way to protect my ribs from chair handles. 

Fluffy socks because I just cannot sit for a long period of times in one position, and shoes on the chair for me are more offensive than fluffy socks. You can find me in all kinds of what I call ‘air plane yoga’. Legs under me, on my partner, crossed, straight… Done it all. I know, we could argue that I should not take off my shoes at all, but for all of the worried people out there: I wash my feet, use feet deodorant before each trip and use fresh socks. If you are particularly worried there are even special deodorising feet wet wipes available. I kinda wish they were obligatory to enter the plane, if you know what I mean.

 Lip balm; air it’s way too dry for me. Is it just me or do you think that too?

There are a few things more that I would love to do, but because I usually travel with hand luggage I have to take things that I will need during the trip.

What do you do to make yourself comfier at a budget airplane?  
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  1. I just take a good book so that I can lose myself in it and not notice where I am.. I either get so engrossed in the story or I fall asleep - win win! :p xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Yes! Books have a magic power to take us to any place in the world at any time.

  2. Hoodies and water is definitely a must for sure, couldn't agree more. They also want half an arm for a teeny tiny bottle of water on the place, no thanks!
    Kathy x

    1. Hahahaha yes they do! It's a great business but nothing that we could not go around.