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 Did you cringe a little bit when you read the title? Do not worry you are not the only one, I did too when I came up with it. Surprise and museum, do these two words belong with each other? Would ‘interesting’ not be a better choice? I will risk it and keep ‘surprise’ in the title because the facts below surprised me. 

As a person that travels quite a bit I like to visit at least one museum or art gallery in each country I visit. Yes, you can call me a nerd. But I am an old lady and I love to learn. The popularity of the English language around the world significantly helps you to learn more about each piece; you are always likely to find a description written in English. Huntarian Museums are my favourite by far.

Be aware that these are the facts that I can remember after many years, so if you have more accurate information, please share with me in the comments.

Ewa Braun’s summer house was in Pobierowo, now it’s the North of Poland. You can still walk up to it.

In the Museum of Death in Los Angeles you will be able to see photos taken by two murderers, male and female, with their victim. They are very graphic.

A Caesarian procedure was a law requirement in ancient Rome in in the event of a woman's death during childbirth.

Snail slime was used as an anti-inflammatory remedy helping the skin to repair.

Elephant birds (yes, you read that right) weighed about 10 kg.

Tapeworm eggs were sold as diet pills.

Onions were used during the mummification process.

Anne of Cleves physically repulsed Henry the VIII.

In Paris’ erotic museum you will find a Japanese wooden shoe with phallus attached. I cannot find a photo now, so if you have been there and have one feel free to share it (in case someone has a particular desire to see it).

The extinct Irish Elk was over 2 meters tall.

Which one is your favourite? What surprised you the most?
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  1. I absolutely love a little trip to the museum! I haven't actually got round to visiting any in Aberdeen though despite living here... any recommendations?
    Eilidh |

    1. My favourite place would be Art Gallery, let's hope they open it soon!