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Travel Visit Scotland Banchory Cafe Iga Berry
What does a girl wants after a hike regardless to how big or small? A delicious lunch, and that’s exactly why Banchory was my first destination for the first hike for opening my hiking season. I discovered the Birdhouse Cafe a few years back during one of my weekend trips around Aberdeenshire with my family and I have been back each time I am in Banchory ever since.

Easy going music is a nice conversation background…
Travel Visit Scotland Banchory Cafe Iga Berry
...And if you do not want to talk you can cuddle up with this cutie!

The atmosphere is very relaxed so it’s almost a sin not to sit down, close your eyes for a few seconds, and finally make up your mind what cake you should try next. Let me warn you, they have a really impressive selection of yummy cakes so if you try one it might not end with just the one.
Travel Visit Scotland Banchory Cafe Iga Berry

The G.O.A.T sandwich (goats cheese, red onion chutney, chicken breast, rocket) is my new favourite! I did not even know if I liked goats cheese, not even mentioning the red onion chutney. I was up for a surprise! It turned out that I do like goats cheese and the chutney, especially combined in a sandwich and slightly salted crisps. On a side note the crisps were crispy, which got me really excited and also shows the standard of some places needs to go up because I excited that my were crisps are not soggy.
Food Scotland

Other sandwiches I want to try next? Italiano chicken because I love everything that comes with green pesto and fresh mozzarella. Btw I would love to know where they get their mozzarella from. Antipasto also sounds like a sandwich just for me, as long as there is a lot of chorizos and houmous. I will investigate next time I am there and let you know.
Cafe Travel Visit Scotland Banchory Iga Berry

The interior is cosy. It feels like going inside a friend’s living room. Even though this place is so small, I do not mind being closer than usually to the other tables. It gave a nice sense of community. Altough I must admit that the window sit is my favourite.
Travel Visit Scotland Banchory Cafe Iga Berry
Art work made from coffee filters looks very impressive
If you appreaciate all things home made this is the place to pop in for an easy going lunch, but be aware that finiding a table might be a challenge. The Birdhouse is very popular with locals, which proves that not only I agree that their food is really good.

Share names of cafes you love in comments!

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  1. I'd be all over the Brie F.G. sandwich, it looks really nice there and I love the decor inside :)

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    1. I promise that you would not be disappointed! It was so good! I wish they could be a bit closer to Aberdeen or have another cafe here. Iga x