Appetite for Slow Living & Eating

What is your favourite part of the day? I would have said for a long time that it is when I get back home and the bra comes, off as well as heavy earrings. Earrings are no longer a problem anymore after I have carried out my declutter. If you need motivation to declutter your jewellery, click here. Or maybe the moment when I can smell my fruity shower gel and warm water flowing down my back.

For a long time I would say that eating is definitely not my favourite part of the day. Not because I do not like to eat but because I did not notice that I am actually eating. As a teenager I would grab my breakfast on the go if at all. Followed with a quick lunch thrown down my throat due to lack of time somewhere between multiple ongoing tasks. On the way there would be a fruit or sweet treat. The night would end with grabbing whatever was in the fridge and mindlessly consuming it in front of a computer screen, while I was trying to finish a report. Concept of slow eating was as alien to me as the idea of actually taking time during the day for myself without rushing.

When I first read about the slow eating movement I started to wonder when was the last time I could actually remember how my food tasted. I could not say what I consumed and how beneficial it was for my body. I decided to change that along the path to a more fulfilling life, which for me was learning to appreciate small things and treating myself better. I was doing myself no favours by always rushing and eating on the go. Although I must admit that ‘on the go’ is a very catchy advertising slogan, because who would not want to be this super fast, efficient person that can multitask and does not really need time to stop and refuel? For years and years I believed that I would be less efficient if I stop.

A few years forward here I am finding myself actually enjoying breakfast even if it means that I have to check the night before to see if there is actually something to eat. TV is off, and I am slowly spreading the jam on my croissant. Instead of rolling it into a small ball as I used to, I am having a conversation while slowly ripping off pieces of my food and eating it. It feels good knowing that I am starting my day without the feeling of constant annoyance.

What happened? When traveling my partner and myself stayed in this cute, little hotel in Sweden with breakfast served between 7am and 9am. We would go down around 8am and eat. Because I was on holidays I did not feel rushed and I started to appreciate the morning ritual we had created whilst there. Actually, this is the only thing I remember so vividly from this time in Sweden.

Now if you were to ask me I would say that eating is one of my favourite things to do. Instead of a thoughtless thing that ‘you have to do to survive’ now I am taking the time for myself. It is a well deserved break for my brain and the rest of my body.

Do you think eating can be treated as a mindful experience?

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