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I like to be quite active during my holidays, so of course I do have a list of activities I want to try. There are a few activities requiring physical and mental strength that I have always wanted to try. Some of them are quite specialised and unique, so I would like to try taster sessions first just to check that they are something for me

Here is the time when you can help me! I hope you will be able to suggest location or/and places around the world that are best to do them. I always prefer to ask friends first before searching through Google. Please shower me with locations, school names, and teachers in comments!

I am a water baby and my partner is a snowboard baby so kitesurfing combines the best from our two passions. Plus it’s perfect to help me out with my core strength. No more boring ABS exercises.

Diving Course
I would love to be a certified diver so I can explore new fauna and flora underwater. I just like this peaceful feeling when it’s only you and no one else but fish. They are very gracious and gently swim around whilst you have a chance to observe their secret life. Could summer get better?

Via Ferrata (Italian for Iron Road)
It’s a climbing activity along the side of a cable protected route. The safety across the rocky surfaces would definitely be helpful with my fear of heights. It looks like me and Italy are meant to be!

Horse riding
I have had a chance to try it again in Los Angeles; I have done it a couple of times as a child… But I do not remember the horse being so tall, so fast, and so scary! The worst part of the whole experience? We were only slowly walking in line.

Two hours on gentle Matilda terrified me enough to make me only want to ride a Shetland Ponies. However, I still have the image of the wind in my hair as I am galloping on the horse somewhere in a UK forest. Jane Austin and all that.

Water rafting
Absolutely! I would raft for that adrenaline kick. It sounds like a great idea for an activity with friends. Although I think I would prefer this activity as a one off. I am not sure that afterwards I would want to commit to learning how to do it myself.

That’s a totally new activity for me, which popped up during my research. Basically it is traveling the canyons with all sort of activities incorporated into it, such as cliff jumping, sliding, swimming, walking, climbing, and more. A quick Google shows me that Vertical Descents offers the experience in Scotland. Has anyone had a chance to do it?

I hope to finally find my balls and go paragliding… Just somewhere safe! Hitting the ground with an extreme speed from a considerable height is part of many of my nightmares at night. Any suggestions?

Bungie Jumping
Yes please.

Did you try any of the activities above? Where? Share all tips in comments.

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  1. I've got SUCH a fear of the sea that most of these sound petrifying to me, but I think I'd definitely be up for horse riding - I've never done it before!

    Steph -

    1. I am more of a sea girl with a huge respect and fondness for water so horse riding would be my 'moment of truth'. Horses are just so much taller when you are on them.