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30 Days Till The Wedding

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Can you believe that in less than a month I will be promising to my fiancĂ© to be with him for better or worse, in sickness and health and… you know how it goes. This makes me wonder, no not if we are going to be living happily ever after or who will die first. It makes me wonder what else will go wrong. Long story short bureaucracy and the legal side of things are bleeding me emotionally dry.

On the positive side I am totally not worried that since February my florist has not been in touch with me and has not replied to my emails. How could I be worried about it, if the marriage might not even happen at all if the situation with documents, and a language interpretation is not sorted out? All things considered I am pretty chilled out about the florist situation then, which will be another ‘must do urgently’ after I finally find an interpreter and it is sorted out. If you are thinking ‘florist, what’s the big deal!’ I can tell you what: I am not going to have a veil but a flower crown and this flower crown is supposed to hide my clip in hair extensions.

Wedding guest keepsake poster has not been picked because quite frankly I have not even look into it yet. Worst case scenario, I will just buy a big, thick, nice A3 piece of paper and say to guests ‘give me your finger prints above the grey line’, that’s where I will attempt to add illustration after the wedding.

Cakes, so unfortunately I cannot agree with quite a few suppliers about the cakes because… They are not doing the moss cake, which let’s be honest it’s epic, I really want to try it, and my baking skills are not going to make that one happen anytime soon. Wedding is a perfect occasion. Me and a moss cake is destiny! We were meant to be together at that day and people just do not understand that.

I also do not have wedding shoes because I am refusing to pay £300 for the ones I love and I am only going to wear them once. I just know they will be destroyed after a whole night of dancing.

Dress? Well, I ordered it but I haven’t even had a chance to check to see if it fits me. No, I am going to live on the edge and do it a few days before the wedding due to a tight time schedule. I promise you if I would have known that I was going to do a Master Degree (read about it here) I would have postponed my wedding to 2018. However, I did not know that so here I am finding myself in the middle of dissertation, which I have not started yet, dress hunting, and menu picking. Of course the menu has not been picked yet, in case you are wondering.

Thankfully there are also a few things that I have already sorted out! Photographer, which is great in communication due to being very easy going and having knowledge of international weddings. My venue, I am having incredible communication with the owner who is the sweetest thing under the earth as well as clever business woman. This makes me trust her more because from the start we both knew that we are getting involved in a business relationship so all the rules are clear. Profit for them, magical experience for us and guests.

I also organised a honeymoon in… 4 hours. If you want me to organise yours too let me know. I am definitely a way better and happier travel planner than a wedding one. I still have to pick the accommodation, so if you know of any charming places that I must see, stay or eat at please let me know. 
We are going to be in:

Sicily, Italy
Sofia, Bulgaria
Budapest, Hungary
Bratislava, Slovakia
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Slovakia – somewhere with the lake ideally to relax and go for a hikes in nature, any ideas?
Zakopane, Poland (maybe?)
Cracow, Poland

You know what’s the funniest thing in all of this is? That the only thing I care about is actually making sure all of the documents are in place and we can legally get married with our friends and family. The rest is just details that with or without… Oh well, who cares? Because definitely not me!

Love from a (wee) Bridezilla!
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  1. How exciting that the big the day is fast approaching. However, I can only imagine how stressful the preparations must be. Good luck on your dissertation.
    Her Hive

    1. Thank you so much Izabela! I am very excited as you can imagine!

  2. Hope it's all coming together Iga! Honeymoon sounds AMAZING!!! Take lots of pictures! X

    1. Thank you! I will take loads of photos and share with you for sure. x