Few Tricks to Save Time

Tricks to save time Kartel Watch

It might appear that a few minutes here and there does make much of a difference in our overall schedule throughout the day. However, over time all those little things might add up to a hour or more of our day. 

I started to notice things that literally eat away my day and decided to change them, without prolonging here are the little time eating monsters:

Skype & Phone Calls

What was supposed to be a ‘quick’ call with my grandparents usually takes an hour or even longer. Do not get me wrong, I love speaking with them but an hour every day or every two days is not best. My life is not even that exciting to have new things to talk about.


As we are on Skype I usually talk with them whilst I prepare dinner or bake. It is a great way to utilise time, make them feel involved in my life, and hear the precious tips from an older generations that make cuisine so much tastier.

Scissors Love

Do you know that feeling when you reach for flour, breadcrumbs, or cinnamon and everything lands on you, the floor, and everything in between? I do because I have/had this annoying habbit of opening packets with the most random of things and then pay with my optimism as the packets tear open.


No more entertaining fights between me and packets. Clean cut with sissors sorted out the ‘Oops I did it again’ moment.


I do not like to be on my own and since my puglicious dream has not come true, I used to have YouTube or something else on in the background.


I am way more effective and quicker during intelectually demanting tasks when I work in silence. I have YouTube on when I do soemthing else, usually… Clean. Also I do not watch television series as they require from me too much engagment and time. Sorry, I would have no idea who Jon Snow is and the actor behind the character if not for the fact that my partner knows him from school. Btw is the character still alive?

One at a Time

I used to start cleaning livingroom, bathroom, and iron all at the same time leading to poor results. Multitasking is fine but only when its helps to save time and not prolongs tasks.


I do not start a new task until the current one is completed. This saves me time by not running from one to another things.

No Window (online window counts too) Shopping

This one was easy to eliminate, since I was a child I hated passionately (yes, that much) going to the shop just to ‘see’.


I go to shop when I need to buy something. Walking around the asiles never was particuarly appealing to me anyway. I also stopped virtual walks. If I need something I will look for it then and there.


From a young age I was taught to iron everything including knickers, towels, and bed sheets.


Sorry mum… I just prefer to read books.


I used to replay to all emails even with a simple ‘Thank you consideration but this offer is not suitable fit for me.’


As rude as it sounds, when email with collaboration do not catch my attention or are obvious a generic email I do not reply. If someone could not bother to check if my name is Iga, Inga, Kinga, Olga, Ina, or Anna (?) why would I bother? I also reply to emails during my ‘working’ hours. By working hours I mean the time I designate daily to my website.

 What are your methods to save time?

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  1. 'Sorry Mum, I just prefer to read books' hahahah that cracked me up! But ironing underwear and towels, really?
    Some great tips here, not replying to emails is my personal favourite, I'm a champion at that one!
    Saph xx

    1. Hi Saph! I see my mum's point of view about ironing things but... Until I have kids I do not think I will be that concern about bacteria hiding in my towel. ;)