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55 Little Joys | May, June, July

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Although I have not shared my Little Joys with you for a while, I have still been writing them down so that once my diary has settled down I could share them. Some of the things were noted in my calendar, some in iPhone notes, and a few were quickly scribbled down on a piece of paper somewhere in a restaurant. Little joys are as always in no particular order.

Finding and learning about a small, family run restaurant which has been open for three generations in Cefalu, Sicily.

Having a Skype catch up with one of my friends, who usually does not have time during the week.

Receiving a necklace on time for my wedding that was used as a strap for my dress. It was a last minute decision.

Taking part in Sparty in Budapest. Awesome experience if you love music, water, and nightlife!

Arriving almost on time to Taormina, despite the fact that we missed our flight.

Unexpected flight to Malta, again caused by not making the first flight to Sicily.

Seeing a friend that especially came from the Netherlands to take part in our wedding that I have not seen for years.

Pistachio gelatos.

Meeting up with one of my best friends and having a cider whilst being stuck under a tree because the rain was too heavy to walk back home.

Having the same friend looking for me, checking three places, and finding me in the second one. She knows me too well.

Being involved in collecting honey from bees.

Having black tea with this honey. Delicious!

My mum’s cucumber soup, made especially for me.

Discovering that Villa Le Terrazze Charming Rooms provides complementary Maison Margiela bath products.

Escaping from the White Room, Escape Rooms, in Budapest with only a few tips from the staff.

Buying a Gini giraffe hooded robe whilst on sale from Boux Avenue. I’ve had my eye on it since I noticed it in the Aberdeen store at Union Square.

My sister taking me out for a meal to Yorokobi restaurant; I’ve wanted to visit for ages.

Waking up in Italy early in the morning and spotting a lizard catching the first rays of sun on our room’s outside terrace.

Visiting Etna, which was on my bucket list.

Going to a Newcastle for my hen night.

Not being picked on during a comedy night too much or too cruelly, also during my hen night. No jokes, I was terrified what might happen.

Sitting on the grass and watching people passing by in front of the magnificent buildings in Vienna.

First time for a long time protecting my skin during my holidays not to have sunburnt skin.

Getting married was more of a big joy but it could not be missed for the world.

Whilst in Sicily, finding a Lidl that sells my favorite ice cream desserts, which I cannot find the name of on Google for you now.

My sandals, bought over two years ago from Faith, surviving another season.

Watching my husband sleeping after a long drive, because I am a creeper like that.

Wearing summer dresses almost every day was fantastic!

Lazy days next to the beach in Kalura Hotel in Cefalu.

Playing ping pong for the first time in years, also in Kalura Hotel.

Prada Candy Gloss from my friend, after I mentioned that I would love something sweeter for summer.

Sunday bike rides whilst in Ostrava.

Views from our room in Villa Le Terrazze Charming Rooms was the best.

Each time when I was browsing for a birthday gift for someone. August and September are pretty busy birthday months.

Seagulls slowly flying out and emerging from the fog at Aberdeen Beach. I felt for a moment like a main character in The Birds.

Having goulash in Budapest. This was also on my bucket list.

Walking around Syracuse at night with honeycomb gelato in my hand.

Being unexpectedly upgraded to a wedding suite in Imperial Hotel Ostrava.

Attempting to play minigolf and being interrupted within 3 minutes of playing by hail stones and storm.

Hiding under a gazebo from the rain with a hot tea.

Having a long baths with pink sea salt in one of the biggest baths I have had a chance to bath in, again in Imperial Hotel Ostrava.

Easy walks to the city from our hotel in Cefalu.

Taking part in a big First Birthday for a little man, who stole hearts during the wedding. I could have sworn that it feels to me as if he was just born a day ago or so!

Buying and finally using my favourite Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. My face missed the gentleness of this product.

Having confidence to try driving again. Ok, this was forced by the situation but I could have give up before even giving myself a chance.

Indoor skydiving in Vienna! Another bucket list thing to do, ticked and loved.

Finally finding a pretty box that is not in a silly colour, and is the perfect size for my make-up brushes.

After over 20 minutes of walking around the small streets in Syracuse finally finding the Jewish ritual baths.

Aimlessly walking around Bratislava.

Watching lightning over Vienna from the Vienna Eye.

Eventually, after years of debating if I should, getting my hands on Naked3 Eye shadow Palette.

Having a burrito outside the Bullring shopping mall in Birmingham in the sun.

Walking around Katowice and discovering urban art.

Finding out via Instagram within the same day that the same person who created an urban art piece in Katowice also created one in Glasgow.

Being able to continue the life I love with the person I love as husband and wife.

What was your little joy?
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  1. This is such a beautiful and positive post. It's so nice to reflect and appreciate little things in life. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Thank you Antonia! You are very sweet! Love, Iga

  2. This is lovely. My little joy was visiting London with my Mum, feeling grateful for a husband I can still have honest conversations with, exercising more for fun/feel good factor, and a bunch more I can't remember right now! you write things down? Your memory details are so vivid! :-) x

    1. I do write things down. I would not be able to remember them all especially as some of them happened a few weeks ago. You are so sweet Stef, I am sure your husband is grateful to be with such a fun and loving person as you are . Love, Iga