Charming Days & Starry Nights | Taormina, Sicily

Our honeymoon story starts properly in Taormina as originally planned after catching a flight from Malta, and getting back on track.  
When we arrived at our accommodation, I was stunned with the night time panoramic view overlooking the Taormina, magnificent.
After our breakfast at the Villa Le Terrazze Charming Rooms, we could not refuse a little bit of an easy going morning and afternoon spent on the terrace relaxing.  

The pleasure of having your own terrace and not worrying if there is enough sun beds or sun chairs nearby the pool – priceless. 
I could get used to it, I thought as I was making myself comfy on the sun bed with an apple juice and my kindle in the hand.
Sweet Sicilian memories, I will miss the sun on my face.
Hot Sicilian sun lowered itself as the day was passing by making walks around the city centre more attainable. We were welcomed by the mix of architecture and colourful buildings, which for me are one symbols of Italy. 
Walking aimlessly around the charming streets we stumbled upon the narrowest street in Sicily, Vicolo Stretto. I could not resist and went up and down the street myself checking if it is as tiny as the internet claims to me. The test was successful; easily the tiniest street I have ever had a chance to walk on.  
 Tempted by idyllic views we stopped for something to eat at La Cisterna del Moro. 
I must admit that the views were fantastic but only a decent amount of wine could try to hide the fact that food was lacking in flavour.
Going through the city centre of Taormina we found a few spots to stop by and explore, such as Porta di Mezzo. The clock tower, which had been previously destroyed, has been rebuilt with the addition of a new clock; reconstruction only took three years. 
This is also the place where Taormina is separated into the Classical and Hellenistic parts, read more about city's history. 
We spent a sunny beginning of our honeymoon in striking Taormina, Sicily. This fascinating place was everything I could have hope for and increased our appetites for more of Sicily.

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  1. Such a beautiful place to have your honeymoon! The sites and the food look lovely. I have never been to Scilly before but its on my travel wish list for sure.

    Melissa Fruity Flamingo

    1. Thank you Melissa! Your comment is so sweet! What else do you have on your travel list? Now I am curious. Iga x