Birthday Treats

I am so excited to share a few of my birthday gifts that will make another year of my life just a bit more cosy, warm, elegant, and chic. I really did not expect my friends and family to surprise me so much! Not all of the gifts are included in the photos but I had a good excuse. Some of them are waiting for me in Aberdeen and my lovely pink fleece was keeping me warm as I was taking photos for this post. 
The Fig Leaf & Elderberry candle smells insanely good! It was a gift from my work colleagues, which is extremely nice of them as we only knew each other for a month or so. I really wanted to share the cute champagne bottle, which was part of the gift. However photos were taken after my birthday so as you can imagine... Champagne was long time gone by then, don't judge. 
Deep Sleep Pillow Talk from This Works has been on my 'Want to buy but it's too pricey, let's wait for TK Maxx to have it' list for over two years. When my mum asked me what I want, I finally decided that I do not want to wait another two years, and showed her the website. I would really love to say that it is working but the thing with me is that when I receive something I really like or buy something new I tend not to use it for a few months. Do not ask me why, it is just one of the things I do to prolong the joy. Now, that can be taken in a very ambiguous way, if you know what I mean
Little Miss Sunshine was hiding inside so many goodies! It is not something I say often but I am a big bits and bobs lover. Samples? Miniatures? I love them all and actually often pick magazines based on what is the promotional goodie included. I do not remember if I ever shared my secret love with Victoria but somehow she knew. You have no idea how excited I was, and still am, when I opened the box! Victoria's birthday is in December so I have to think about something that will make her equally excited. 
Moreover my fashionista friend, the truth is she has way better sense of style than I do, treated me to this gorgeous Ted Baker purse. I am pretty sure she never noticed, unless she has an incredible eye for details or memorised all Ted Baker lines (hint to Ted - if she did that's the person you want in your company), that the pink purse I currently use is from Ted Baker. 

I love its deep red colour that will match my new lipstick from the box of goodies, its shine, and the golden, detailed clasp. If Cinderella had a purse, this could easily be one of the models she would pick. Of course my new purse still sits in the box because I love it too much to just use it. Let me just look at the purse for a few months and then I will allow myself to use it. 
I am feeling so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family, that remembered about my birthday and decided to shower me with such a thoughtful gifts. 

Btw. is it just me not using things straight away? Am I being weird?

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  1. The Ted Baker purse is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Little Miss Sunshine box too, and the fact that it was hiding little miniature presents?! That’s my idea of perfection.. ��

    Andi |

    1. OMG I cannot say how excited I was to go through all of the miniatures <3 x

  2. Love the purse! It sounds like you got some fab items for your birthday!

    1. I still did not use it because I do not want to damage it! Haha