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Loving It | October Favourites

Longer evenings, especially now when the clocks have changed, for me this is always a fantastic opportunity to browse around the web to find little gems that I can later share with you. There must be something in the air as well because I have been contacted by considerably more brands and PR agencies than usual to test a few of their products; the competition was fierce so not all of them made it to the list. Maybe they caught my vibes that I am on the lookout for new things. For complete transparency, any products that I did not pay for and have received have been marked with *. Without prolonging, let’s talk why and what I picked.
I was in my local Tesco looking for a travel sized magazine that will travel with me to Amsterdam. I was looking for a magazine with articles that are well written, bring something new, educate me, and something that I would not read and forget about in half an hour. I wanted something that I would keep coming back to.
Basically I was looking more for an educational than entertainment piece, and that’s when I remembered that a few years back I used to subscribe to Psychologist Magazine. I have to say that over the years the articles were quite hit or miss, but generally Psychologist Magazine in my opinion presents a consistent standard of writing with easy to understand or explained terminology, issues they talk about, and depth of explanation I am looking for. For me it is a good introduction to psychology for someone who is new to it, began their adventure not so long ago or are just looking for an overall approach to issue rather than extremely in depth knowledge, but still requiring you to focus on what you read.  
When I noticed the article about the sensitivity and hyper sensitivity, I knew that this is the magazine that will go with me to the Netherlands. If you are not sure if you want to buy a magazine you can find some articles online Psychologies, my personal favourite tab is with articles about work.  
The first bottle was sent to me as a PR package however the bottle from the photos actually is my second one. Yes, I am slightly or maybe not even so slightly obsessed with this smell.
How did I lose the first bottle within a month? Actually it was kind of taken away from me. I met up with my friend one evening for a nibble and cocktail, you know the drill. The first comment my friend made was about how wonderful, cosy, and soft the smell is. She continued to compliment the smell throughout the evening and I just did not have the heart to say no to her when she asked if she can borrow it to test it for a week. She had fallen in love with the fragrance from the first whiff, and the rest is history. Basically this means I will never see the bottle again. So I bought a new one.If you are looking for a floral rose smell with citrusy notes of lemon this might be The One! Depends how much you use it I think that the scent is quite subtle and not overpowering, which is an advantage if you are not looking for the tail effect. For me it is one of these smells I want to use for a night out that is more on the quieter spectrum such as dinner with cocktails and hour long chats with friends.     

I hope I do not have to introduce this brand, especially if you follow me for a while, as it’s my biggest discovery from 2016! Woodwick candles during Autumn and Winter always make a numerous appearances on my Instgaram, and here on the website simply because I love the crackling noise they make, how they smell, and the lovely, warming glow. October was smelling of trade winds, sunset beach, and tropical cooler. It was in October on sale for under £20. It still might be, check WoodWick Candle website.   

Impulse buy from Tesco. I have no regrets, it's the cutest. On this occasion I cannot find it online on Tesco's website. 
What are your favourites now?   
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