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I love discovering and sharing brands that are inspired by locations. Arran Sense, before Arran Aromatics, has been on my radar for a long time. I was introduced to this brand for the first time in 2012 in one of the hotels I had been staying in. I remembered the intense smell of the Lavender & Tea Tree hand soap, and knew that one day I will treat myself to more products.
So when I moved to Birmingham and spotted products from this brand in TK Maxx my hand instinctively grabbed them and carried them to the till, it must have been fate. Firstly I hoped it would make me feel closer to my beloved Scotland, secondly I wanted to finally try another product to see if the first impression was correct, and finally I wanted to introduce you to one of the many fantastic Scottish brands.
Recently Arran Aromatics has had a facelift so I am assuming the packaging of my products are outdated as the ones from the website are more in line with their current packaging approach, less is more. However, a few reviews claim that some of the formulas have also changed therefore, I cannot guarantee that the new range, assuming that the one I bought is the old one, will be exactly the same as the one I have.
The fragrance diffuser, bergamot and geranium, is stronger and lasts for much longer than I expected. I am flipping the sticks once or twice a week. The bottle is still half full after two and a half months. To me the blend of aromas is strong and could be described as floral but it is not the usual floral scent you would expect. There are slightly spicier notes. It is pleasant but my heart and nose belongs to...
I do not like to eat grapefruits however, I fell head over heels for the tangy, citrusy, and juicy Just Grapefruit room spray. This is my number one from all of the three products I have. It is a perfect, energetic smell to start your day with. I love it and next time I am buying a reed diffuser it will be Just Grapefruit. 

Jasmine and Philadelphus room spray has the most delicate scent from all three. It is very relaxing and I like to use it during the evening. However, it requires a few more extra sprays to fill the room with aroma. 

All three smells are none chemical, which is a big advantage for me as there is nothing worse than a strong, unpleasant chemically smell that is not even a little bit similar to what it is supposed to be.
The next product I would love to try from Arran is their After the Rain Eau De Toilette, from what the Internet claims is one of the bestsellers. 

Let me know in comments what other brands with room sprays and reed diffusers should I check out. Do you have a favourite aroma?

Products I am talking about can be found here:

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  1. I love that these are non-chemical and I actually love to eat and love the smell of grapefruit! I always like to have diffusers and candles around the home but like them to be as organic as can be!

    1. Check Arran Sense Nital. It's really top quality & you can find them lately in TK Maxx.