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Autumn Leaf

Autumn arrives in the early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.
The Death Of The Heart By Elizabeth Bowen

The quote above perfectly reflects how I felt about September this year. Although beautiful, autumn arrived slightly too early for me. I have to say that I am not ready to face the dark, gloomy mornings and even darker evenings. Never mind, let’s move on to things, people, places, and situations that have made the past month a bit brighter and cheerier.

Without a shadow of a doubt I can say that going back to Aberdeen for two weeks was definitely a highlight! My social life was thriving, which cannot be said about the dissertation progress.

I am especially proud that I drove alone all the way from Birmingham to Aberdeen. I say especially because being able to drive for me is a big thing. I just started driving after years of being a passenger so to do such a long distance within the first month behind the wheel was a massive challenge and worry for me. 

I also quite appreciated drivers raising a hand up, hand not a finger, as a gesture of ‘Thank you’ when I am taking a chance to make their drive a bit easier. It’s nice to be nice! FYI I did not have a finger from anyone yet. If this changes you will be the first to know. 

Meeting up with my sister and beating the time once more in an escape room in Aberdeen was another highlight. Of course we would not have done it without her or at least that is what she claims to everyone, we totally would.

Befriending two cats that wander around my neighbourhood. You can see them often on my Instagram Stories. They are just too cute not to share their purrfection.

Something from the vanity department: finally I found a hairstylist (Saks, Union Square, Aberdeen) that understands what my main aim is for my cutting hair. Bye, bye to split ends and extremely damaged bleached memory of the worst colour stylist I have met over two years ago in Boston.

Another thing that I am very happy with is finally applying for a new passport to update my surname. I am still waiting for my passport to arrive so let’s hope it is in time before my trip to Amsterdam.

On this note, I am finally going to Amsterdam! I managed to take advantage of Flybe’s sale and bought return tickets to Amsterdam for under £70. Please send all your recommendations. What should I do whilst I am there?  Also if you are in Amsterdam and want to meet up let me know! I am more than happy to see the city from your perspective.

September had its ups and downs for me so I am sure October will have an easy time in making my life slightly more colourful. 

How was your month? 
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  1. I definitely recommend the Anne Frank House and Rijkmuseum, and a canal boat tour! I haven't been in 10 yrs but I really liked Amsterdam, have so much fun! Be careful at night if you are by yourself. Dam Square is very touristy and bright at night and safe feeling. Taxis there are a rip off/best avoided if possible! ;-) Congrats on the driving, you are doing great! Sorry I missed you in Aberdeen, I never knew we had the escape rooms, I probably wouldn't make it out I am not very good with logical clues ha ha! ;-) xx