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The final destination for our time in Sicily, but not of our honeymoon, was Cefalù, Italy. After the pricey disappointment at Falconara Charming House Resort & SPA we were looking forward to move on. We jumped into the car in the morning and a few hours later we were in Cefalù.
View from our hotel room
As we entered the room at Hotel Kalura we were relieved to discover a very cosy and cute room with marine theme and decorations. My opinion about room design? Classic and effective colour coordination that was a cherry on top in highlighting that we are on holidays.   
My personal favourite item from the whole room was a big, round mirror which was hung on a thick rope; so much character. One day I will have a mirror just like this one and then I will overwhelm Instagram with unlimited images of my outfits
After we settled down and I took photos for my post about packing light for traveling, we went for a stroll along a coastal path to the city centre. It was quite a walk but when we got into the town we fall in love immediately. You have to see it to believe it!  
I think we were not the only ones who adored the town as quite a few couples had decided to have their wedding photos taken around the town. Being married only for a few days at this point it was really heart-warming watching other people being as happy and we.
We walked around tiny streets looking for any little, family run restaurants for a less touristy and more Italian style food experience, and that’s when we stumbled upon Trattoria Sapori Di Don Ciccio. Google helps me out with another name: The Favours of Don Ciccio, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 60, 90015 Cefalù PA, Italy. You have to go!
Their food was simply delicious and the restaurant’s owner popped in to say hi to us and take a photo...
...and welcome us in a true Italian style.
If you ever decide to visit Cefalù and go to Trattoria Sapori Di Don Ciccio you can try finding a photo of us he took, share it with me if you do. I would love to see if it’s still there after however many months or years.
For the next few days we spent continuing discovering the town, eating ice creams mainly pistachio for me, reading books by the pool, and playing ping pong. The perfect chill out before we headed onto our next destination, Sofia in Bulgaria.
Perfect time and place - my favourite honeymoon photo
I am wondering, do you prefer to visit smaller towns or big cities?       
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  1. What a gorgeous place! The hotel room looks beautiful, I love those blue accents 😻 over from

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, sea theme is one of my favourites. Love, Iga