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Getting Back to Sport

Soooo getting back to sport after a few months break was much harder than I thought it will be. Do you know that cosy state where your bed seems more appealing than a gym class? Hands up, for me the bed won quite a few times lately. To ease myself back into sporty activities I needed to have a reason other than a beach ready body. To be frank a beach ready body was never enough of an excuse or motivation for me to get out of the bed.
I started to think about what I would like to experience and learn next year. Our holidays are always quite active so there are plenty of activities I want to try that require at least a decent stamina levels. Kitesurfing? Hiking? Skydiving? Marathon? Yes, I would like to experience them all at some point in my life but for a few years now I was promising myself to sign up for a diving course. That’s the motivation I needed. What’s the better way to get ready for it than going for a swim? I always liked to swim, especially in open waters, so I did not need much encouragement.
The longer I thought about it the more benefits I could see. My full time job means I sit a lot during the day so I am prone to getting a sore back. Also this means that I move definitely less, never a good thing for your body weight, muscles, and overall health. It’s also probably time to invest in a step tracker and face the ugly truth.

I dug out my swimming suit and old towel from the bottom of my wardrobe, and was ready to conquer my laziness and get ready to sign up for a diving course in the feature. With the non-existing levels of stamina I started going for a swim once or twice every fortnight. Nothing too crazy, I must admit that.

After only a few sessions I could see the improvement in my strength. I also noticed that my equipment needed an upgrade, especially if I wanted to go straight to work after a morning swim. My current towel would take hours to dry and chlorine irritates my eyes.
Swim Freak contacted me, perfect timing, who offered me the opportunity to try their swimming goggles. Personally I have never been a fan of swimming goggles because I never could find a pair that gives me clear vision, are comfortable, and easy to adjust without pulling my hair out. I picked Beach Chrome (Grey) Swimming Goggles from their range and took them for a swim with me as soon I picked them up from the post office. I must say that I possibly should be less stubborn and have invested in a pair before. The goggles give me great visibility, are comfortable, and the frames are flexible enough to adjust to the shape of my face.

In Amsterdam I popped into a Decathlon store and left not with one, but two microfibre towels. If I had the space in my hand luggage I probably would have bought more just because I could not decide what colours to pick, in the end I decided blue would be the best choice for me. I should have bought a proper microfiber towels ages ago. It gets the job done quickly, does not take too much space in my bag, does not need much aftercare, and dries in no time too. 

Before I know it I will be going for a swim so often that I will need to buy a swimming cap. So far I didn’t really need it as my technique is quite honestly further than closer to being correct; attempting not to get my hair wet. But I am working on it! Summer diving, bring it on! I’ll be ready!

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