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Little Joys | October

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Where is October? I cannot believe it we are in November already and this means one thing. It's time for little joys!

Most and first of all I have finished and submitted my dissertation. It is scary and exciting to say that I have now completed my MSc at Robert Gordon University. If you are interested in what my experience was like at this University I will share it soon. 

Team night out. I changed my life upside down, moved from Scotland to England, and started a new job. Actually, my post with life updates explains it best. My point is that the team night out gave me some sort of boost that slowly all pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

One of my friends, who I met at work, came to work dressed up as a lamp. The team decided that the theme this Halloween will be ‘The silence of the lamb’. The sight of my friend as a lamb walking around the office… It made my day. The image of her in a lamb costume trying to lead a meeting was just too much to handle for me without laughing. I cannot even type this without laughing to myself.

I managed to grab a bargain on eBay and found a grey, long sweater my size with 67% wool. Perfect for Autumn! I was looking for something just like this for ages. It also helps me to update my wardrobe with clothes that use better quality materials such as wool, cashmere, cotton, and silk.

In October I was also contacted and invited to do a collaboration with several exciting brands. I am really excited and cannot wait to share the results with you!

Another amazing thing that made my life just a little bit brighter and happier was a trip to Amsterdam. I stayed in a female hostel only and it was one if not the best hostel I have ever had a chance to stay in. However that’s not all, whilst there I met a very friendly girl from Brazil, who I am hoping to stay in touch with as she seems as wanderlust obsessed as I am. It always amazes me how travelling solo allows me to meet interesting people from around the world. Maybe it’s just me but I really feel that when I am alone I an extremely lucky to meet wonderful people.

What brought smile on your face in October?
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