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At the beginning of autumn rather then jet off around the world to get the holiday feeling, I instead deceided for a staycation as part of a heart warming birthday gift for my husband. This was the perfect time for a snug weekend break away together. We welcomed autumn in whilst cosying up infront of a wood burning stove whilst the weather started to turn colder, the reds and oranges creeped out on the leaves, and dark nights draw in earlier as the daylight hours are beginning to fade.
I was lucky and found an incredible, tranquil, and unlike any other destintation for a weekend break and I just can't keep it for myself for any longer. Although that was the plan at the beginning because it was supposed to be a work and blog free weekend away just for usOur destination? A recently renovated gypsy wagon in Dumfriesshire; hoested and renovated by Kate, who I found on AirBnB.
This hidden away gem is secluded from the fast paced city life and was a perfect way to celebrate a big birthday, enjoy staycations, get cosy, and have a relaxing and romatice stay. During the day we went for walks around the area, drove to local sightseeing points, and visited Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Buddhist Centre. 
There’s no denying that Kate knows how to create a very homely and welcoming interior as well as atmosphere. 
As the evenings drew in and the temperature dropped outside we enjoyed the warmth, flickering fire, and the grogeous smell of wood. 
Because the wagon is so far away from any neighbours we did not mind sneaking to the bathroom, located in an adjacent cottage, whilst wear just our bath robes. 
Our cosy weekend away got just a little bit cosier with this lovely touch in the form of wine and chocolates from Kate. 

During the second day of our stay in the gypsy wagon we woke up to the sound of sheep, pheasants rummaging around a few meters away from the window, and the misty morning. Before we knew it Kate had brought us breakfast. Hot tea, exactly what I needed. At this point as a massive tea lover and believer that tea makes everything better, I have to mention that when we stayed in the gypsy wagon there was not an option to make tea inside. However, we were welcomed to use Kate's kitchen. 

Also the cold weather that autumn brings gave us the perfect excuse to have the final BBQ of this year. Late night fire definitely has its romantic aspect. 
During our second day we were determined to have mulled wine and as they say necessity is the mother of invention so I asked for a saucepan. A few minutes on the wood burning stove and we were enjoying out steaming mugs of mulled wine. 

A quick tip here, after years of looking I decided that for me the best tasting shop bought Mulled Wine is Gl├╝hwein, a German-style mulled wine available around Christmas time in Aldi (I would not be surprised if it's also in Lidl and other places). When combined with mulled wine spices it is truly incredible; these spices are sometimes available in Polish Shops in UK or the international bays in the big grocery stores such as Tesco, Asda, or Morrison. Click here to see the images of the spices I am talking about so you know what to look for.
During some of our walks around the area, or to and from the toilet, we had a very happy, fluffy, and friendly companion ready for cuddles. 
After we made the most of our day out we sat down on the dreamy bed enjoying mulled wine and the heat from the stove. The Autumn break gave us the perfect opportunity to discover hidden gems, unique accommodation in Scotland, and have the idyllic staycation.   
Before we know it winter will be here. 

Share in the comments what unique accommodation you stayed in and where.

Where did we stay?  
Gypsy Wagon Airbnb
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  1. Loved this post, made me feel even more cosy and autumnal! :) x

    1. I am glad! It's such a cosy accommodation. Perfect to have a relaxing weekend away. x