Sofia, Bulgaria

First and Last Day in Sofia | Bulgaria

I have a soft spot for Bulgaria because of my mum’s stories about it and since my friend lived there too… It was a perfect excuse for a two days stop whilst travelling between Sicily and Hungary. After months of reassuring me that my friend and I will definitely meet up there I made the rookie mistake of not researching Sofia before going. As it usually happens life had other plans and we never met so we went off to explore the city on our own.

We took a free map from Art Hostel and B&B and wandered around the city centre. The hostel itself is ok but I would not stay there again, or for any longer than two nights. We were not located in the main building, which was not communicated with us at the time of booking. 

Additionally the staff at the hostel are very easy going. This sounds great but not when you want to check out in the morning, get your deposit back for the keys, and the receptionist on shift partied most of the night so you are locked outside of the reception trying to get access, all the whilst knowing you have a flight to catch. Finally a hostel guest opened the door for us which meant we could wake up the receptionist who was sleeping at the reception. Therefore, this place would not be for me. Unless of course you like attractions like that and do not have a flight to catch then this place is perfect. 

Before we knew it we were stood outside of the National Art Gallery, a perfect opportunity to explore it. A big part of Sofia was destroyed during Wold War II, so I could see that a lot of architecture follows the Soviet style.  Most of the time walking around Sofia felt like a walk through history.

Around lunch time when the sun started to be really harsh we picked one of the food places suggested on the map. It was a vegetarian cafe, hidden away behind big wooden doors.  
As far as I can remember this was the first time that I have tried soup with rose petals. Unfortunately, I cannot say that it was filling or that it tasted of anything.
However, I did enjoy the vibes of this cafe and wooden furniture scattered around the place. I always enjoy any place that remind me of my beloved Thai Ovna House of Tea in Glasgow.

The good thing about Sofia is the variety of bars, cafes, and restaurants that are scattered around the city. We took advantage of it and moved from the cafe to one of the bars located in a small park.
I can confirm that the cocktails were not shying away from being strong. The amount of alcohol poured into them was rather generous. They were delicious but one or two would be more than enough. 
Bulgaria, a Balkan country, has a rich heritage so after the sun went down just a little bit more so that being outside was more bearable we continued our stroll around the city.

Aleksandâr Nevsky Cathedral, took 40 years to complete, and is absolutely breathtaking not only for its architecture but also its meaning.
The great thing about Sofia is urban art, which is all over the city. I did not realise how popular it would be here. Wherever we went we could see the colourful, well thought out additions to the city, which most of the time aimed to brighten up the streets.
After all day of walking we settled down in a restaurant nearby our hostel. Jug of Sangria and mouthwatering food was exactly what we needed. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about our impressions of the capitol of Bulgaria. 
I do not think that we get the most out of Sofia but on the other hand I am not sure what else Sofia could offer us. However, I am really keen on going back with a more structured plan that will help us to get to know this city better.  
Of course after all this talking, we could not say no to desserts because a balanced lifestyle can wait when you are on your honeymoon, right? This turned out to be a massive lie which I kept repeating to myself. Later on I was paying the price for it by not fitting into my jeans.  
Have you ever considered a visit to Bulgaria or have you ever been? post signature

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  1. I've never visited Bulgaria but I'd love to one day. The weather looks so perfect, not a cloud in the sky. I love the outdoor art space too! x

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. It's a very unique country. I will return one day and explore the country side. Oh yes, the weather was ideal for exploring and discovering all the cute, and cosy cafes x

  2. Very sweet review 😊 I would recommend you also visiting the Black sea coast during the summer, especially the South part. And yes, the country side has so much to offer.

    1. Absolutely! My mum just loves Black Sea! Where in the countryside would you suggest?

  3. Very sweet review 😊 I would recommend you visiting the Black sea coast during the summer, especially the South part. And yes, the country side has so much to offer.