Hello Blogmas 2017!

It happened! I followed in the footsteps of my blogging friends and have decided to take part in Blogmas 2017.

‘It is such a big commitment. Do I really have time? Do I have that much to say and if I do will it be interesting enough?’, you get the picture and all of the thoughts that were going through my mind. But then I decided to grab the bull by the horns and just do it!

Throughout December I would like to talk about a few things so I’ve decided to challenge myself and split Blogmas into three categories: Beauty Heroes 2017, Stories, and Lifestyle.

A few Housekeeping Notes

Beauty Heroes 2017

I am excited for this one! This category is my own writing challenge I’ve set for myself. Beauty is not one of the topics I write about frequently but over the past year I have found products that have stolen my heart and that I just cannot keep only for myself. Of course I had to share them with you too!

None of the products were given to me as a PR sample/collaboration. I bought them myself or I received them as a gift from my friends that just knew I would love them.

This This Time When... Stories!

Another new section for me. I would like you share with you a few of my favourite stories from my life. As always please share yours in the comments! I would love to get to know you better.


Believe me or not but so far December seems to be one of the busiest and most social months for me. I want you to be a part of that so every now and then I will share what I am up to with you.

I would love it if you want to take part in this challenge with me and leave your comments, best way to spark a conversation! 
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