Mini Guide to Sales

The craziness of Boxing Day is over but the discounts are still tempting me online and offline. Is it possible to be a minimalist and still take advantage of all the sales? From the perspective of someone who wants to get the best price and still retain a minimalistic lifestyle I would say that combining both is still possible.

Over the years my approach to sales has evolved. If you were to ask the teenage me what am I going to purchase I would not be able to tell you. I would go to a shop that in my opinion had the best sales in terms of price and buy a few dresses in my size. I would not really check what material they are made of, how long they will last for, and if I really like them that much to wear them for a longer than a single season. However, with time I started to pay more attention to things other than just the price. 

What do you need?

Over the months leading up to the sales I usually can notice that I might need a new black turtle neck or a wool dress for work. I will go to the shops to find two or three pieces that I am happy with. However instead of buying them straight away I will add links of the products as a bookmarks on my laptop or I take a note of them somewhere. The truth is that I have my wardrobe completed, so the need for a new item is never urgent. I can wait to buy it until the sales start.

What products exactly meet your needs?

The list with a few items helps me on the day of sales to keep me on track of what I really need rather than what catches my eye. Additionally, picking the items I want to buy before the sales saves me time later. Instead of aimlessly walking from shop to shop to find materials I am happy with I already know what shops should I check. I have to say that in the past years I have paid the most attention to what fabrics and materials are used.

What if the item is not on sale?

What then? Nothing really happens because if I really need something for 'right now' I would not wait until the next sales. However, I really do not remember the last time I needed something that urgently. 

What if I want something but do not know exactly what?

Another thing I do is going only to the stores I like because of their deigns and quality. I just avoid other shops even though I might possibly find a great deal there. The truth is that I do not want to waste my time by going somewhere hoping that I might find something because the chances are very small and time is too precious to me. Years of running around the shops for the sake of running around and spending money are behind me now and I am extremely glad!

Special Treats

I have a few beauty brands that I like however, I cannot justify the price of their products. Every year they offer gift packs that I expect to be discounted by 50% after Christmas. That is exactly what I was  waiting for! Similarly with Christmas cards and crackers. I love to send beautiful Christmas cards to my friends and family however, paying £20 for a pack of 5 cards is definitely not in my budget.

What is your top tip to take advantage of sales?
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  1. I do the same. I make a list of things I need with the price and a link and monitor all the links until they are a price I am willing to pay for it. I try not to buy things I don't really need to want just becuase they have a huge discount. I also try and buy any gift I know I will need in the sale, I cannot afford to keep buying the things full price.

    1. Buying gifts when they are on sale can be a life and finance saver! Luxury products definitely can be more affordable during certain periods of a year. The trick is knowing in advance what to get. Iga x

  2. This is a very helpful blog, thank you.