How to stay warm in the winter?

It's no secret that I am a person who easily and quickly gets cold. I am not sure why that is but my hands and feet are cold most of the time, even during summer. If how well you adapt to different temperatures would determine what animal you could turn into then surely I would be a reptile.
Over the years I have created my own list of favourite things that help me to stay toasty, or at least not thinking that I am going to freeze to death any second.
Keeping my head warm is a big one, even at the a cost of a very flat and messy hair style. Over the years I have tried numerous styles and this year I have decided to 'go big or go home'. That's how I ended up with a massive pompon. Of course I am also wearing gloves and scarf but for years I have had an ongoing fight with my mum about the clear silliness of wearing a hat. I grow up (just a little bit though) and now I can admit that a hat is the thing to help me avoid issues with sinuses. 
Thermal Underwear

Another thing I did not believe in until I first went for a winter holiday. Life saver! Now, if I know that there will be snow I would wear my thermal underwear even if I am just going for a quick walk to the store. The benefit is that I am not only warm but also the thermal clothing is rather thin so I am not uncomfortable or have restricted movement. 

One of the simple truths I used to fight with as a teenager. Now definitely my comfort wins vs the sense of style. There are times that on a night out over my dress I will also wear a fleece in hot pink. I have no regrets because years of shivering as a leaf whilst waiting for the night bus are behind me. First of all I have my fleece and then I take taxi. 
Fluffy Socks

It might be just me believing in the power of fluff but I am convinced that they are keeping my feet warmer than any other ordinary socks. Also a not sexy fact about me is that most of the year I sleep in socks. I would be the perfect socks ambassador. Thankfully journalists asked Marlin Monroe what she wore in bed and not be because the iconic quote would be a tad different.
Travel Mug
...Ideally with a hot tea in it.

Nothing can beat a hearty, homemade soup after being outdoors for a while. Red lentil? Tomato? Broccoli? Mushroom? Miso? Chicken? Any soup will do!
How do you keep warm? Do you use hand warmers? 
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