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I find inspiration in a variety of places. In 2017 only a few books, other then the ones I was reading as part of my Masters degree, caught my attention. Let me know if you would like to read about the books and journals that were a part of my degree. Today I am sharing books that I would read for myself as part of chill a out evening. It will not be a long list. In 2017 time was very precious!
Susan Cain 
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
This book by Susan Cain was recommended to me by a friend at work. We have quite similar interests so I roughly knew what kind of career/work related content I can expect. I do not think that this book will be a book for everyone. Nevertheless I would recommend it as an evening or Sunday read for a few reasons. 
Firstly it helps to understand the particular behaviours that can have a big impact on social interactions. Consequently it helps to understand the differences in personality types. Additionally Susan Cain talks about the 'Extrovert Ideal', which is an interesting concept especially if you have ever had to aspire to be one.
How would I describe this book? I think it is thought provoking. However there are a few moments that I disagree with the author however I think this is a very natural response. 
Amy Cuddy
Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges
I purchased this book after listening to Amy Cuddy's TED Talk, which you can see here. It was very uplifting and inspiring.
Similarly to the TED Talk this book is a great source of motivation. Although the techniques that Amy Cuddy discussed might appear to be very obvious for me it was still a fantastic read. Yes, I did intuitively know about the certain behaviours that impact the situation. However, reading about them in my own time with a cup of tea, without rushing was definitely helpful to understand and analyse them, especially in a leadership context. 
I know that there are mixed reviews about the book but I would still recommend it as it is clearly written, inspirational, and useful.
Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
I know that this book is supposedly for kids but... I still loved reading it. It caught my attention when I was looking for Christmas gifts earlier on in the year. What can I say? I decided to treat myself and spend a few afternoons slowly reading through the inspiring stories of rebellious women.
The artwork compliments the stories and in my opinion makes the book very child friendly. I remember than when I was a child there was nothing worst for me than a book with many pages of just text. It is one of those books I would buy for my niece or daughter. Although I think some of the stories should be slightly amended as I did not always agree with the definition of 'rebellious' but overall it was a good, easy read.
Jaime Thurston
Kindness - The Little Thing that Matters Most
The trend for beautifully designed books continued in 2017, which personally tickles my fancy. I love to have a beautiful book in my hand especially now when most of the time I purchase ebooks. It feels like a treat!
I am all about the small actions of kindness hence when I noticed this book on my friend's bookshelf I knew I wanted to borrow it. Kindness - The Little Thing that Matters Most is another easy read, perfect after one of 'those' days at work. Do not get me wrong, the ideas are quite simple and we all know them but sometimes it is a nice little reminder. They gave me a warm, uplifting feeling which was much needed.
Share in the comments what books inspired you. I am looking forward to add new titles to my list.
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