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On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me… Prada - 'Candy Gloss' eau de toilette. 
This fragrance was a summer gift from my fragrance obsessed, just like me, girlfriend. When it arrived she said: ‘This smell is a summer from our teens closed in a bottle’. Once again her description was spot on.

The bottle perfectly highlights what you can find inside. My first thoughts when I tried it were of theme park, roller coasters, fun, bubble gum, and play fighting with a guy you are kind of dating but nothing is set in stone yet - teenage vibes all the way.     
Everything you need to know about Prada - 'Candy Gloss' eau de toilette
This extremely fruity fragrance uses sour cherry as one of its top notes. Orange blossom, rose and beach appear as the middle notes. This combination is based on vanilla, musk, almond and others. This combination could not be a universal smell, which makes me like it even more because it is so bold and uncompromising in its sweetness.

This fragrance leaves a playful, young, teenage swirling around me straight out of a romantic comedy. Therefore, for me it is perfect for lunch with friends but not so much for a business meeting. 'Candy Gloss' does not build up distance and this is also what I like about it.
The scent is very fruity with a floral twist. If you have a sweet tooth for deserts and scents the chances are you will love it. If you do not tend to gravitate towards sweet scents there is a very high chance you find it overpowering and cloyingly sweet. I think name should give it away what you can expect. Although personally I like this smell, this is definitely one of those you should smell before buy.

As a quick summary, if you are looking for sweet, fruity vibes next time you have a chance check out 'Candy Gloss' by Prada.

I am curious, what was your top fragrance you were using as a teenager? For me it was: Chanel 5, Valention Rock N Rose Couture, and Puma I’m Going. 

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