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Creative Night Out

Creative nights out, so is that not for kids? I received quite a few responses like that when I said that my work friends and I are going to go for a pottery painting on a Thursday evening. One of them might have need a bit of convincing or bribing with the vision of us going rock climbing later .

This was a very spontaneous idea to take a few images and share them later here as I do not want to mix both worlds of work and Plus when I go out with my friends I want to give them 100% of my attention. However, I knew you might love the creative night as much as I did so I could not help myself!
A few hours later after work and we all arrived at Melting Pot in Bewdley, England ready for some DIY and prosecco action! 
The inspiration was everywhere.
Which one to pick... That is the question, which honestly I could not answer for a while. Similarly as to what exactly would I like to paint. I am not proud of it but I got inspired with my friend's idea. Ok, that's a massive lie. I shamelessly stole the cacti idea because I was already the last one to start, the time was ticking, and I like cactuses anyway. 
Actually I liked cactuses way more in the past as a child. Untill that one night when a massive plant pot with a few different kinds of them fell from the window ceiling straight into my bed. Did that wake me up? I like my sleep with or without cactuses in my bed so of course it did not wake me up.
Do you want to know how long it takes to take out all prickles from eight types of cacti? Two weeks! As you can imagine since then I have not had any cactuses at home but I still have a soft spot for them.
I picked a mug, a variety of green paints, refilled my glass with prosecco, and went back to the table to join the fun and finally start painting. Before that we were taught a few techniques we could use so if you have no clue what you are doing, don't worry. There will be someone to help.  
I love the fact that creative night out means creating something unique and personalised whilst having a chat and sipping bubbles. What can I say, I loved it!
Do you remember when I said at the beginning that one of us needed extra persuading to take part in our awesome, creative night? I think someone truly enjoyed themselves despite previous moment of hesitation. 

Before glazing the work (this is the part that makes the pottery shiny and ready to be used) the colours look washed out. However, just a quick look around the shop shows that after the finishing touches in a kiln the colours will pop.
I as always loved the whole crafty experience so if you ever want to meet up and go for a creative night, I am your gal or give me a few seconds and I will try my best to talk you into organising a very crafty night out!
What do you think of nights out like that? 
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  1. Oh no I can’t believe they fell into your bed, your a trooper. I’d still be crying and whining hah. How fun is this idea!! I use to paint these with my brother when I was little. Now, mom & I attend a wine & design class. I’m glad you all had fun!

    1. It was fantastic Leslie! Definitely something I would love to repeat!