Winter Bucket List

Guess what?! I am going back to Scotland for almost a month. I am so excited! I am sure you will already know this especially if you follow me on Instagram. I just cannot hold my excitement so I needed to share it here too. Yay! Hello home!

Guess what else? We are going snowboarding! Winter holidays are finally booked and I am going to be a terrified and cold bunny on slopes in the Alps; we are heading to Les Deux Alpes, what is your favourite piste? Keep your fingers crossed for me during the third week of January. Also if you have an unlimited amount of luck somewhere to share, please do! I will need it!

Both occasions are a perfect opportunity to create a winter bucket list and get the most out of my time in Scotland and France. Anyway, if I will not manage to fulfil them there will always be February and part of March to do so. However, my aim is to do as many things from my list at the end of December and throughout January. Let's start! 

Check out a restaurant in Aberdeen I never had the chance to visit.

Return to Glasgow for a day.

Go for a sit down meal with my family. 

Discover a new place in Scotland - road trips are always so much fun!.

Do not skip snowboarding lessons - yes, this might have happened before.

Have a tech free day.

Play board games - there are still a couple unopened boxes just waiting for Christmas evening.

Go to see a play in theatre - only if there is something interesting on at the time.

Watch a horror movie together - I know this is not very Christmasy.

Try to go down the green piste even when you are sure it will not end well - that is the part I will need a little bit of luck so keep sending it my way.

Think what are your goals for 2018 - I am a still a strong believer of the power of goal setting.

Create a video from our winter holidays.

Find a pub/bar/restaurant with a fire place and have a cosy evening.

What do you want to do this winter?
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  1. Yay! If you fancy a play let me know! Carole King Musical is coming end of January, I saw it in London and it's fab! xx

    1. Ooo sounds great, I will have a look and hopefully we can schedule something!