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Social media can get a little bit crazy, so in 2017 I continued my goal from a year before to control the information and advertisement flow that I am being bombarded with online.
What tricks do I use?
Application Offtime 
It was quite a new 2017 find for me. The app helps me to track my connectivity. Identifying how much time I am spending each day starring at my screen is really helpful. The lost time is there black on white so I have no excuses. 
I had one and the same Facebook account for over 9 years. Somehow despite my best efforts I would still see irrelevant messages or be connected with people who I had spoken with on a very few occasions. Anyway, during the past few years I have only had Facebook for messenger. 
Rather than removing pages that I liked in the past or unfollowing people I took a slightly more edgy approach. I deleted my account. I am still using the one that I opened for the purposes of my website but handling one account is definitely way easier!
Another things I do for security is signing out remotely from devices, 2 factor authentication process which requires a four digit code, and limiting old post.
I have never had a long term affair with Pinterest but there was some mutual interest, especially before the wedding where I would find inspirations. It is a fantastic platform however, when wedding planning was over I could not really pinpoint when was the last time I was on there for longer than a minute or two. To limit the number of networks I am using I started to treat Instagram as a place for inspirations. 
In less than an hour I went down from 500+ connections to around 350. I used to think that connecting with all requests was a polite way to be. It might be but I still prefer to be connected with people that I know rather than just anyone. 
If I follow you there is a big chance I clicked on the option 'Turn Off Retweets'. It is a great little tool that helps to quickly declutter your main feed.
They are only on for Instagram messages. Facebook and Twitter are off. On Twitter on average I would get between 100 to 500 notifications a day so I would rather view them in one sitting rather than having my phone vibrating too often. I usually view Facebook once or twice a day and I feel that is more than enough. Everyone who wants to be in touch with me can always text me anytime and this is probably the quickest way to reach me. 
Social media can be great but it can also take away many, many hours from your day. Although I enjoy it I think that it can get out of hand very easily so I will continue to watch out for ways to customise social media for my lifestyle and not my lifestyle to social media.
How do you manage your social media?
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  1. One of my biggest Achilles heels, I am so bad at social media.

    1. Not really, you easily created a connection with me on social media. I would say you are very relationship focused instead of number focused which is great because it means you create friendships!

  2. This is such great insight i love!