The Dohány Street Synagogue | Hungary

After discovering Malta, Sicily and then two night stop in Sofia in Bulgaria we moved to Budapest in Hungary. One of our interests is the Second World War. Therefore our first steps were to the Dohány Street Synagogue, built in 1859.

It was a powerful experience that I believe everyone should take part in. Therefore I decided it is only right to write the whole post about it because otherwise it would feel like diluting a very important lesson with unnecessary noise. 
The architecture of the largest synagogue in Europe is breathtaking. Guided group tour was an excellent idea to learn more about the history of this exceptional place and its connections to the Holocaust. It helps to understand and see the synagogue from a new perspective.

Unmissable are the variety of shades of red, deep wood, gold colours, the sumptuous organ and rose window. I have to say that I was not able to capture the magnificence of this place with my camera. It  looks 100 times better in reality.   
Behind the Great Synagogue is located the Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park with the Emanuel Tree.  This impressive and beautiful tree marks a very dark time in Hungarian history. Each leaf on the weeping willow tree has inscribed names of Hungarian Jews killed during the Holocaust, very thought provoking.
Hopefully my photographs will help you exploring The Dohány Street Synagogue.
Afterwards we decided to go for a walk around, think about what we learned, and explore the Jewish Quarter.
When you are on holidays are you interested in exploring history of a place you are in or do you prefer to focus on other aspects? Let me know! 
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  1. Gorgeous photos! I agree though, it's impossible to truly capture the synagogue with a camera, it's just too magnificent. I can't remember seeing the weeping willow when we went, what a beautiful and melancholy thing xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! I am glad you remember my photographic dilemma!!! I need some serious lens to capture its beauty!