Budapest, Hungary

10 Reasons to Love Budapest

What cities in Europe would you like to visit? Would Budapest with its unique identity be in your top 10? Find out why the Hungarian capitol stolen my heart with its tiny streets full of history, stunning views, and vibrant night life.  
Open Air Cafes & Bars

They are everywhere! Take your cocktail or coffee outside, catch the sun and watch people passing by. 

When you're on the go pick up one of Vega City's mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. If I could this place would be my 'go to' for lunch everyday. I probably would end up buying little post lunch treat in the form of a raw cake. It's so tasty! One of the gems I would love to see somewhere in UK!

Vega City 
1053, Muzeum krt. 23

Street Art

Colourful murals are just waiting to be discovered! This city is full of history and connects like no other modern art with traditional architecture. I would say imagine East London vibes combined with the City of Westminster.
Love is in Budapest

After dusk or very early in the morning as the sun slides down on the streets there are no other undiscovered cities as romantic as Budapest. Neo-Renaissance architecture is just waiting to be the stunning background to your photos of you and your partner. If I would have to pick only one place for my wedding photos Budapest would definitely be in the top 3 places in Europe.

In case I haven't already mention it enough already! It is the home to many grand museums, art galleries, and the Dohany Street Synagogue.
Hungarian Cuisine

Other than world wide known goulash, which I am a big fan of, Budapest is also home to many Jewish restaurants, typically in the Jewish Quarter district, waiting to be discovered.

Everything and anything goes. There is nothing not to love about that easy going vibe!

It looks like people of Budapest love dogs! I am really tempted to create a post titled 'Dogs of Budapest' and insert all of the furry images I took! Pro tip, if you want some furry pictures I would recommend the area near the magnificent Vajdahunyad Castle.  The picture above is from there.

Who am I to deny that Budapest knows how to party! Read about the Sparty that I had a chance to go to! Because what else would you do on your honeymoon if not that?

And when it is time to go back home after a night out, and the sun is starting to make an appearance, walking and absorbing all of the views is a pleasure!

Who is going to Budapest with me in 2018?!
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  1. Looks like a beautiful and fun town! I would love a dogs of Budapest post ha ha! xx

  2. I really loved Budapest, it's so lively and vibrant. I was only there for 2 nights so I definitely need to pay another visit :)

    1. We loved it too! I would love to go back to Budapest during winter and see all of the lovely buildings under the snow. What was your favourite place in Budapest?

    2. I loved all of the cool bars in the jewish quarter, and I found the shoes by the rive Danube so humbling. What was yours? xx

    3. I loved the Sparty in baths and Synagogue. I have to say that my favourite so far district was Jewish Quarter. I definitely did not discover it all there so I have to go back! I don't know how but I've missed the shoes by the river Danube! xxx

  3. Finding your post has just made me so much more excited about my holiday to Budapest next month! I was sold on the city already but then you mentioned dogs and I almost fell off of the sofa. Cannot wait!

    Issy | MissIsGoode

    1. I cannot wait to hear more about your trip to Budapest! Hopefully you will be able to try goulash! Iga