Goals for Funky February!

It has been a funny January for me. I did create any New Year’s resolution that kicked off the second the fireworks reached the midnight sky, but also I did not have an idea what my resolutions are going to be. I had a very vague plan of what direction my goals were going to head towards in 2018 but I could not create any measurable objectives. 

I've decided that saying ‘I want to return to running’ or ‘I want to extend the list of my clients by 25%’ is not good enough but I was not willing to commit to anything more measurable. I knew for well how to make my goals measurable so what was stopping me? By the way if you still need help with creating measurable goals read one of my post that talks all about it. 

The lack of will power to commit to a few major yearly goals pushed me to consider how else I can deal with this situation. I still wanted to have a set of goals because I am a very goal driven person and I like to aspire to be the best version of myself, but I did not want to say to everyone that I will do something knowing for well that I will not last the whole year. 

Why wouldn't I last a year? I have to begin with a simple fact that I did not want to create and put any extra pressure on myself. Forcing myself to follow up with strict goals could be challenging because over the space of 12 months they might not be the priority anymore. For example if I could say that by the end of the year I will be able to run a marathon. But what if in June I would decide that the biggest joy I have from short 5k runs? Should I really force myself to fulfil my initial goal? Should I really push forward with something I said 6 months ago whilst on the wave of New Year’s excitement? 

I have been in situation like this before and I would not want to find myself demotivated again by the goals that supposed to give me an extra boost of confidence and energy. This is why this year I have decided to set monthly goals instead of a yearly and share them as well as an update every month with you. I would love it if you wanted to join in with me and share your monthly goals in the comments so we can create a community that is there to support each other. 

Follow me on Twitter if you want to be up to date with my goals' progression. I will make sure to share all the good and bad moments! 

Small steps will give us that much needed flexibility! To make it easier I’ve divided my goals into categories.

Be able to run comfortably for 15 minutes without stopping. Just to give a little bit of context, my current fitness level is minimal at best. I’ve been quite unmotivated during the past months.

Create a minimum of 8 posts for February.   
Design or find someone to design new header.
Take part in three Twitter chats. Please let me know which ones you recommend! I have not taken part in ages.

Try new recipe, nothing fancy I really just want to introduce new and easy dishes in my life. I am definitely going to say yes to all realistic recipes that do not require me to visit the Himalayans for a one off ingredient.

Go through the yellow bag of shame that is in the corner of my room and get rid off things that I do not fit/like/need. This bag has been there for months now hence the name 'bag of shame'!

Are you feeling motivated? Let's smash it this February! 
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  1. I'm definitely feeling more motivated now, than I ever did in January! Let's hope I can keep that up and stick to my goals as well. :-)

    1. Yeeeees! What are your goals for February? January might be quite a challange as there is so much pressure to do 'something' just anything!

  2. 30 day challenges are something I tried and liked in the past with fitness, especially good if you haven't been working out to say, I will work out X amount of days this month/next 30 days. It feels easier to stick to (says the girl who hasn't been to the gym since early December ;-)). I felt kind of aimless in beginning of January too, February feels ligther already for some reason! I think Jamie Oliver has a recipe book that has only five ingredients in each recipe, might be a good one for you to try? :-) x

    1. I think January can be quite 'in your face' with all of the big changes and promises that are expected. Here I am in February ready to share what I want to achieve! What are your goals? Going back to the gym by any chance? It is still better than my result Steff! I am back to it now but took me months!

  3. I started off really well at the begin of January but it started to tail off towards the end. I am determined to get back in a good routine now though!
    I hope you achieve all your goals. Good luck!
    Alex Quinn / www.prettythoughtsx.com

    1. I am sure you will! What was your goal Alex? x

  4. These seems much more manageable than year long goods. I like your thinking! I'm with you on the food front - I even got myself a new recipe book. I think I might join you and set myself some monthly goals!

    Honestly Aine

    1. Hi Aine! Delicious goals for March? It's a yes from me! Definitely would love to have someone that is ready to rock March goals! What book did you get? x