Living in the Moment!

During February I've been in a 'meh' mood for quite some time. The days would pass by whilst I was counting down the days to visit my beloved Aberdeen. At some point during the middle of the month I decided that this is not like me at all, and not how I would like to be. So instead I have started writing down all the times that I felt present in the moment rather than just wandering with my thoughts that would start to unfold and become darker and more clouded the longer I thought about them. For example, if I would start reading a book I would very quickly start to think 'Oh, but I really should hoover.'
One day I took a few minutes and rather than drinking coffee on the go to fulfil the image of 'boss lady' I forced myself to sit down and focus on... Surprise... It's a shocker... Drinking coffee. Not scrolling through my Instagram feed, btw say Hi to me there if we are not already friends, not checking emails, or checking notes. The word 'force' is perfect to describe what I did there, and as I do not have an issue working non stop for 10h straight enjoying coffee required so much more self discipline! Definitely something to work on in March. 
A gentle stroll around the Malvern Hills was a fantastic way to just chat and take the occasional photo. Also I did take the advantage of petting dogs that were coming to me to say 'Hello'.
Phone calls! Yes, I am that annoying person that would talk to you on the phone, whilst doing the washing, putting the kettle on for tea, munching on a snack, and watering flowers. At the end of the phone call I would know what we were talking about but my contribution way too often would be somewhere between 'mmmmhm', 'sorry I've just dropped a brush', 'yeeeeeees', 'oh, okey', and 'what were you saying?'. I was guilty of not being present but this has changed now. 
Living in the moment! I love it!
How is it with you? Are you living in the moment?
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