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Monthly Favourites | January

January is over now and I am waiting impatiently for Spring. However, before that I just have to share all of the products that made me think to myself 'I need to text my sister and let her know to check this one out, it's a keeper!'. In this post I am talking about products that I've paid for and used for a longer period of time than a month. If you are looking for some home, beauty, and aromatherapy inspiration here it comes! Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments! I love to talk with you!
Parks is one of the companies that I keep seeing in TK Maxx. I am just in love with their candles and fragrances they offer. Finally I've decided to treat myself to the one that I just loved from the first moment I smelt it whilst waiting in the queue. 

Rosemary and Bergamot candle were my number one for January. If I could use this smell as a fragrance for myself I would as it is everything I like. This smell is uplifting yet calming but without being irritating. The combination of essential oils is a game changer for me. It will be hard for other brands to now compete. 

I've also found them for £9 here or here so you might want to have a browse online.    
Essie Nail Treat Love Colour Tainted Love is a little gem that I use when I'm taking a break from shellac. I adore this colour. It is soft, subtle, and natural with sheer pigments that add this extra wow factor. Its delicate tint is perfect for the office and great to hide any imperfections that sometimes just appear out of nowhere. I think we've all been there when just before a date or before meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time ever everything goes wrong including you discovering cheeped nails as you knocking on their door. This little thing does not do nasty surprises as often as I've found other nail polishes to do. And even when it does its not as visible. 

In the meantime when your nails look casually fabulous they are also being taken care of with a special formula that helps brittle nails. It is working and it is very close to be my beauty hero, but first place still belongs to Eveline Diamond Hard and Shiny Nails conditioner so unless you need a superhero for special cases Essie Nail Treat Love Colour will be for you!   
A few years ago I went to a Saks Hair & Beauty salon for a simple trim of my extremely bleached and damaged hair. One of the finishing touches was K√©rastase Resistance Therapiste Serum. It made me feel as if I had some sort of full smoothing, luxurious treatment and not just a quick brush over with the serum. I decided to wait a few months until I could get this serum during Black Friday. This was back in 2016 and I’ve just managed to finish the bottle! Very cost effective!

At the beginning I would use the serum more often as my hair desperately needed help. Although with time and minimal exposure to heat, bleach, and maximal exposure to scissors I would use it less frequently simply because my needs changed but I still loved how my hair felt afterwards. Soft but not greasy, and beautifully shiny! What's there not to love? 

Overtime I also found the perfect amount of serum to use which was half a pump that I would apply onto my ends first and then massage it into the middle part of my hair. Its smell, which lasted for a good day and a bit, made me feel like I’ve only just left the hairdresser a few hours ago.
I never thought that I would add a light bulb to my favourites. This bulb is one of the products that helped me to survive the gloomy winter! The room that I previously lived in was very small, dark and had limited access to light. Being in constant darkness made me feel quite miserable so I would try not to stay in my room for long, which is quite hard when you share a house. 
I would not even think about looking for a more efficient and brighter led lightbulb because I was use to the traditional type. My husband suggested to try a LED bulb and I thought that it's about time for some brightness! Aura Glow is definitely not the cheapest but it brightens up the room to the point that I can easily take images for the website without any additional lighting. Of course it is still not the diffused brightness of a softbox but it is fantastic on a day to day basis! The bulb is bulky but it fits and does an excellent job.
What products that you love did you discover lately?    
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