Monthly Favourites | February

February might be the shortest month of the year but this doesn’t mean that I didn’t have any favourites! I also had monthly goals and I've managed to achieve some of them too, check the update. February was rather productive!  

First recommendation is definitely more appropriate for a different kind of post so please treat it separately to others. However I really want to share it with you asap. 
Anus Mundi by Wieslaw Kielar 

Wieslaw Kielar was arrested for his underground activity in Tarnow when he was 21 years old and spent 5 years in Auschwitz. The story starts with Wieslaw wondering where he is going to be moved to after his stay in prison. At the time he was unaware of Auschwitz and its real purpose. This powerful story is written as a personal narrative with shocking facts taken straight from the Nazi concentration camps, it really crawled under my skin. I could not stop reading 
Tjena Storage Boxes, Ikea 

Storage boxes are a cheap way to keep clutter at bay and find places for things. I’ve been struggling with storage as the room I am currently renting out has only one bedside cabinet, one wardrobe, and on set of chest of drawers. I did not want to invest in any furnishing because I know full well that this is only temporary accommodation. Storage boxes are the perfect solution because of their price, low weight, and convenience of transport for when I move next time, and easiness to store them in the next accommodation. I decided to go with 3 different sizes. I finally have places for my bedding, summer shoes, electronics, blanket, and books. It is great to finally not have things falling out of the wardrobe. Other than for all of the functional reasons I also love the modern, clean pattern. 

Box Sizes

Colour Catcher Sheets 

One of my favourites that have been with me for years now. I cannot count how many times my clothes have been saved! It is great to know that even if a lost red sock gets into the washing machine they will not come out looking weak and in a dirty pink shade. I could not give a guarantee that if you put white bedding with anything red the colours won’t transfer so I still double check my white washing just to make sure. I do not stick to one brand and as a bargain hunter I usually get the most budget friendly option so keep your eyes peeled in Poundland. 
Decorative Flower Pot, Tesco 

Where do I even begin to describe its cuteness? At first I bought only a koala bear flower pot but soon after a white cat joined. I currently have very limited space so mini flower pots are the perfect addition. They are also the perfect size to have them on your desk at work. I love having a little bit of nature around me. These mini pots would also be a perfect pen or make up brush holder. At this moment in time Tesco do not offer them online, however I’ve found my mini flower pots in the flower section of a 24hr Tesco. 
What did you love? 

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  1. Love the storage boxes!!! I'm about to borrow a book on Auschwitz off my sister, she said it's horrendous. I think it's on Dr Mengeles. She's been looking for another similar book so I'll recommend this! xx

    1. Please let me know your thoughts about it! Words cannot even cover the pure evil that was happening there!

  2. I love the plant pots! What a great find, will have to check out my local Tesco.

    1. Hope you can find them! Really cute and I've noticed they were on sale. Let me know if you managed to get one!

  3. Those plant pots are so cute x