All About The Free Walking Tours

The popularity of free walking tours has increased in recent years. I've had a chance to take part in several traditional walking tours around the world as well as different themed ones with my favourite being the Crime Tour in Boston.

5 Reasons I Love Walking Tours For

It makes meeting new people so much easier. You can exchange your favourite places for breakfast, what else to see, and if you particularly enjoy each others company even go for a drink after. Additional benefit? You are in a big group so if someone does not float your boat you can always have a chat with someone else.

Safety in numbers so even if you are going for an evening tour it makes it safer. 

Learn about the place from someone who lives locally and is passionate about the city. Very often tour guides are guided by people who treat it as a second income or a hobby, such as a graphic designer who gave us one of the tours in Vienna.

Usually walking tours aim to show and discuss the main attractions around the city centre within a few hours. If for any reason one place caught your eye you can return in your own time and take a few snaps for Instagram.

Talking about the images, one of the disadvantages is that taking an image without someone in it can be tricky. However, there will be a plenty of people happy to take a photo of you so you can leave your selfie stick at your hotel.

Most of the time the walks are logically structured so you do not walk aimlessly around trying to find an attraction.

Pay what you can afford for the tour, a great policy that allows you to travel on budget. However, a few walking tours did recommend a set 'ticket' price. I am not sure how I feel about that especially when the advertising relies on the word 'free'.

You do not have to travel abroad to enjoy walking tour. Be a tourist in your own city!

What are your thoughts about walking tours? 

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