April Goals

Hello April! This month is going to be all about challenges. I have big plans that will definitely test me but I am ready! Spring is here and I’ve found a new burst of energy with the changing of the clocks. I am not going to deny I am already thinking to myself ‘Iga, you are being a bit too optimistic and not realistic’ nevertheless let’s give it a go! 

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Start using MyFitnessPal daily and track my food intake. I am hoping this will help me to understand my eating patterns and any secret eating I do. 

Follow the eating plan that was created for me years ago and actually stick with it; at first it will be for Monday to Friday. I actually never followed up with it, not even just for a week so five days a week will be a huge success! 

Stick to the workout plan that includes cardio as well as weight training. I am tempted to do a quick update about the progress in a month’s time and share it with you. This is still under a big question mark. 

Cut out all the sweets and eat only the treats from the Boostbox, which of course I have already shared my thoughts about so check it out! Little spoiler, it’s amazing! 

Hit 10,000 steps 15 times. It should not be that hard but there are still days when I struggle to get 5,000. Shame on me! 

I am continuing the hunt for the best font for my header. I thought I quite like the current one but after a few weeks it just does not feel right. 

What can I say… Spring is here and so is the time for a massive clear out! My aim is to sell 20 things on eBay. Do you know those things that you have because their value is slightly too much to just get rid of them, yet you really do not use them, and they just are there taking up precious space? I know it all too well and it is time to gain back space. 

Similarly to home I am going to try my best to finish any products that I have already opened. 

Additionally, I am going on a monthly beauty spending ban. Buying shower gels is my guilty pleasure. I know that I will use them at some point but I really do not need to store 9 different shower gels at the same time.

I cannot believe that during the past months I’ve only read two books, one of which I mentioned in my February Favourites. In April I want to read The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now by Meg Jay.

What are your goals?

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