March Goals Updated

Spring is here and March just flew by! Although I do not have yearly goals this year I am still playing with the idea of monthly goals. I started with February goals, the February goals update, and then moved on to share my March Goals, and here we are! Ready to look back at them and see how I did. 

If you want to be up to date with my goals the best way is to follow me on Twitter and check my Insta Stories where I share all of the ups and downs.

What did I want to do? 

I wanted to move more and in total run for 40km. 

How did I do?
Well, I have to admit that the only thing that made me go to the gym and run for 40km in total was the fact that I stated it publicly in March Goals. The first ten days of March I was struggling with cold and this really set me back in my progress.

From one side yes I could go to the gym and try to run but on the other hand when my sinuses are throbbing and I have issues with breathing… Running is not my priority as I need to make sure I am ready and as refreshed as I can for the next day at work.

When I finally got back to the gym I was thankful that March has 31 days! I am happy to say that I managed to reach my goal but it was definitely not the easiest thing! On 22nd I still had 14 miles left.

What did I want to do? 

Be ahead of the game and schedule posts for March and April. 

Create new header. 

How did I do?
Quite frankly scheduling did not happen. However, I finally updated the About Me section, which really needed some extra love, check them out!

I also asked on Twitter who wants to exchange feedback on how to improve the website. Shayne & Mrs Madhouse jumped right in with their brilliant ideas on how to make a few things work.

If you want me to look at your website and give you a few thoughts about my user experience let me know and leave your thoughts about my website in comments or via email. I am always happy to exchange ideas.

Header is still a job in progress! However I am slowly getting the idea of the design I like.

What did I want to do? 

Select and print out images from honeymoon. 

How did I do? 
This one was still on my list of things to do 3 weeks into the month. It is not that the task itself would not be enjoyable, who does not like to go back in time straight into sunny Sicily, but we took so many images for private purposes as well as for the blog that going through all of them appeared to be a never ending task! However, finally one day I just sat down and separated all images. It was a long and at times quite boring task but it’s finally done!

What did I want to do? 

Hard drive clear out! It really needed it! 

How did I do?

I managed to remove 8GB of images. I split up the job for over 5 days, one hour each; to make sure I do not rush and delete images that are close to my heart. Digital minimalism is definitely as important to me as having under control items around me.

Busy March and in April I am increasing the speed!

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