May Goals

Ooops so when exactly did April go by? I cannot believe it that it is May already and soon we will be half way into 2018! What?! You already know that my April goals did not happen so I am building up on them in May.

Although I did not track my food intake I did reduced the sweets because of the stress levels I have been under I simply did not feel the need to have sugar. I guess this could partly count as my challenge to only eat the treats from the Boostbox, which I did and even managed to find a new favourite post workout snack. However, it still would be great to educate myself in terms of nutritious food value and use MyFitnessPal for a longer period. 

Stress also meant that my eating pattern were all over the place. Getting back on track would and should definitely be on my radar this month. No breakfast and snacking at midnight are not ideal. 

I still want to hit 310,000 steps this month. This gives me the flexibility to have days where I exceed 10,000 steps and make up for the days when I could not move as much. This would also mean that I need to be stricter with charging my FitBit as I have a tendency to notice that it is dead at the end of a day. 

Go for morning runs! I am actually raising my eyebrow as I type this knowing for well that I will struggle with this one as again my sleeping patterns are all over the place. Additionally sharing a house with strangers means a rather high noise levels at a variety of times. I loved my mornings’ runs along the beach and the feeling afterword but only I know how much I did not like leaving my warm bed that was calling my name. 

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It feels at the moment like I will never finish any of the products that I bought. They last for ages and I am refusing to use them excessively just for the sake of finishing the bottle. There is one face toner that I have been trying to get rid of for ages now but it is just lasting for what seems like a year. 

I am still not going to buy any beauty products this month. It is really about time to use what I have already got.

What are your May goals? 

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