May Goals Update

Goodbye May! It’s time to talk about fulfilling, and on a few occasions not, goals that I set at the beginning of the month. 

I wanted to 
take advantage of the MyFitnessPal and see my eating patterns. That did not happen because… I would be lying if I said I do not know why. I know for well why. 

I prepare my food which means inputting it into the app is not as simple as scanning a barcode. My dinners usually do not repeat themselves and have on average around 7 or more ingredients. This means looking for 7 different things weight, look for, add, and most of the time also adjust because the nutritional values are often wrong. 

It’s summer I would rather be outdoors than next to my kitchen counter searching for the correct item. Excuses? Maybe but I still prefer to go for a walk than sit in my kitchen with a phone in my hand.

However, the great news is that I am back on track with my eating pattern! Meal prepping definitely helps. 

I would love to say that I am 100% sure that I did hit 310,000 steps this month. I could not prove it. The usual Murphy law worked and my Fitbit either did not work, sync, or was not charged. However, I made sure to go for evening walks after work I usually needed 3,000 more steps to hit 10,000 and on a few occasions I hit around 15,000 steps. 

Do you know that when I optimistically said at the beginning of the month: Go for morning runs! I meant it? Well, this did not happen. However, I had a few evening runs.

May posts:

I stuck to my beauty spending ban and I did not get any beauty products. My cupboard is still quite full but I am slowly using up all of the products. I’ve managed to finish a few beauty products, which was very satisfying!
What did you do in May?

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