Failed to Meet My April Goals

April is now over and it is about time to look back and see how successful I was in achieving my goals. Although I do not want to disappoint sadly this is not the post where I can share success or exciting story of how I’ve managed to achieve everything I wanted to. Authenticity is the key for me so here is it is… My monthly goals ‘failure’. 

In March I was properly motivated and I mean I was almost ready to commit and sign myself up for a bikini fitness competition. ‘Yes, I am going to rock the gym, see my abs for the first time in a long time, and get shredded’ kinda feeling. My life was almost where I wanted it to be.

As it always happens several unexpected few things occurred which consumed my time, thoughts, and any energy I had left. I am not going to go into details at the moment. However, when the time is right I will share those stories, especially one of them, with you. These few things just accumulated and April has proven to be a very challenging month that ends up testing my limits.

My family and I are healthy, well, and stronger than ever. I have received an incredible amount of support from friends, family, and strangers who quickly turned into friends. I would like to say big thank you to you all!

I am a strong believer in dealing with issues as they happen rather than sweeping them under the carpet. I am pretty sure that my little carpet could not cover even half of them. However, there is also a limit for the energy that one has before one or more areas of life will be affected, work, relationship, University, you can pick and choose but there will be something suffering at the expanse of the issue. This is why when I’ve found myself in the tricky time I reprioritised and push back all my April’s goals placing my energy on solving the issues and then giving myself time to recover. You probably noticed that I was not the most active on my website or on social media. Don’t worry I am back now and if you ever feel like having a chat just send me a private message!

Do I feel like I failed? 

A few years back when I was more of a ‘black or white’ person I would ask myself a question: ‘Did you fulfil your goals?. If the answer was ‘no’ than I would automatically feel this guilt and shame that I failed to achieve what I said I would.

I have developed and grown, and now with a greater understanding of myself, the importance of wellbeing, and limits I can truly say that I absolutely do not feel like a failure. I did what was the right thing to do at the time to leverage gains and losses. Part of me still does not believe that I have come such a long way that I can look at the situation from a distance, be more objective, and most of all kinder to myself. I am still my biggest critic but I am definitely a way more constructive and supportive one now than I used to be.

Not reaching my goals meant that all of the energy surrounding hitting them has been spent elsewhere. For the time being this pushed me back, however in a long run this will give me a stronger foundation to focus and achieve my goals in the future without compromising on my health or feeling like a goal is a chore rather than a tool to live to the fullest and do my best.

Could I have done my goals? 

Of course I could have. However, this would have come at the expense of my physical and mental wellbeing which quite frankly for me is too valuable to compromise. Sometimes there are unexpected changes in our lives that require reprioritisation, which is exactly what I did.

I am entering May with high hopes and enthusiasm to reach May’s goals but as always with a dose of flexibility and sensibility because I know that not reaching all or any of my monthly goals does not mean that I fail. It just means that at the time I’ve had to focus my energy elsewhere and return stronger. Now I can enter May properly motivated, knowing that I did what I’ve should have.

How was your April? 

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  1. Certainly admiring you that you even set goals and tried your best! 'Failed' just means 'delayed', hope you fulfil May goals though! :)

  2. This is such an amazing post! Its okay! Atleast you tried. :) Congratulations to you for making goals and trying :D