The List of Shame | Beauty Spending Ban

It's time to face the music and share with you what is in my cupboard of shame... Otherwise known as the location of all things that I got on offer because I am a bargain hunter that has fallen into the trap of promotions and savings. I am trying to get it under control within the next 2 months, which is quite ambitious looking at the amount of things I have and the frequency I use them. Forever the optimist, that's just who I am. This inspired me, I really wished it hadn't, to check what else I have in my cupboards and start the adventure with buyers on eBay. 

I've talked about my beauty spending ban so it is time to share what exactly I have and the quantities. I guess for some people it will not be a lot but I am at the stage that I definitely need to make sure I use the products before their expiry date. Otherwise it is wasting, not saving, money, right? 

6 Deodorants
3 Antiperspirants
8 Shower Gels
3 Soap
1 Bath Salt
4 Body Lotions
3 Body Scrubs
1 Body Oil
5 Body Butter
9 Face Masks
3 Face Cleaners
2 Face Toners
6 Face Creams
3 Face Oils
4 Make Up Remover
7 Hair Conditioners
1 Hair Oil
1 Styling Cream
3 Hair Sprays
2 Dry Shampoos 
1 Hair Powder
1 Hair Gel
4 Shampoos
4 Tooth Pastes

Woah, I think I might hold my horses and prolong spending ban because there is no way I can use all the body butters anytime soon! 

How do you feel about buying beauty products in advance to take advantage of an offer?

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