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Good Morning Wales!

We have picked the ideal weekend for a getaway near home in Ffynnon Oer Isaf, Felin Fach. Away from the stress in the dreamy cottage that I found via Airbnb we were enjoying the hottest ever early May bank holiday. Before I show you the colourful houses of Aberaeron that I just adored I have to show you the cottage. This hidden gem is just too good too keep for myself.

Find This Romantic Cottage in Wales

If you follow me on Instagram you already have seen it all and more as I did stories from this charming place. If Instagram is your cup of tea, and this post will mainly be about tea and coffee trust me, follow me there too.
Waking up in the cottage felt like waking up at home. The bed was so comfy and the whole property is very homely, the starter firewood was ready for our arrival making it cosier if that's even possible. 
I could not miss the fact that the gift from UK Lingerie floral cami and short set worked so perfectly with the interior almost as if it was made with a staycation getaway to scenic Wales in mind. What are the chances?

Every morning was slow and there was enough time to enjoy the peaceful surroundings so of course I was not rushing to change at all. Although I could not refuse a warm bath with Eucalyptus Epsom salts, especially that I almost never take baths at the place I stay in lately.
Another big perk of self catered staycations and getaways? No need to set an alarm, get ready, and stress if there is enough time left to grab breakfast. 

I have just walked down from the crog loft, which is a loft over half of the cottage so you can see what is happening in the living room area from the bedroom, on my way grabbing a cuppa from the kitchen that is underneath it. 

On this note I have to say that the kitchen is extremely well equipped. The oven also has microwave functionality, which meant movie night with salted popcorn. 

Pro Tip For Perfect Staycations

Do your shopping before and take your favourite food with you. Staycations never last for long enough so instead of shopping enjoy your time to the fullest!   
Long, slow mornings are perfect to finish the book you are currently reading or start something totally new. This cottage has quite a few interesting titles. 
 I would not be myself if I did not take a close up of the decorations.
It was the perfect way to start the day and wander out to the garden slowly finishing my coffee before getting ready to explore the Welsh countryside.
What do you think of renting out whole properties for holidays?

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  1. This place looks absolutely amazing! I'm doing something similar in a few days - a week long staycation in a privately rented cottage! You have all the benefits of it written here. I couldn't agree more!

    Rachel ||

    1. Sounds exciting! How was your time away? x

  2. Lovely post! I’ve never been to Wales before but really want to visit! The cottage looks lovely, I stayed in one when I was a child and would love to do it again! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

    1. Check Airbnb they have a really good selection! I am so happy I've managed to find this one in a great price!

  3. I never been anywhere like that before but I so wanna try. This may sound corny but I always dreamed of waking up in a silk slip dress with breakfast in bed to the ocean. Your staycation looked incredibly relaxing! O you are gorgeous btw 🤗

    1. OMG silk slip dress with breakfast in bed to the ocean! Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely I am ready to do this anytime of a day/year/month hahaha not corny at all!

  4. Aw this looks wonderful, it looks like a fairytale cottage! I love all the dreamy shabby chic details and vintage vibes :D you capture it so beautifully! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    I’m hoping I might be able to entice you to follow each other on bloglovin haha xD

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much! it was a very dreamy experience! What are your plans for holidays this year? Definitely going to say hi on Bloglovin!